▷ Eric Ondarroa: Start of the school year has a cost of US$ 312 equivalent to 14 minimum wages

Expenses related to the restart of school activities are equivalent to -at least- 312 dollars per student, equivalent to 14 minimum wages per child, revealed Eric Daniel Ondarroa, the general secretary of the Pencil Allianceduring the presentation of the traditional annual analysis of the costs that returning to school entails for the Venezuelan family.

“A total of 14 minimum wages have to be invested so that your son can be educated,” stressed the political leader to go on to detail that only in uniforms the investment is around $70. He made it clear that this includes only a basic provision: shirt, sports flannel, pants, overalls, and two pairs of shoes, due to the mandatory use of sports shoes.

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At a press conference, from the National Pencil Command, Ondarroa He specified to the media that today reading and writing “is a luxury” for Creole infants. He stressed that just books and school supplies represent $270 for the hit economy of the most vulnerable families. “10 minimum wages is what a mother has to invest to cover the books at the beginning of the school year,” she specified.

Additionally, the spokesperson for the education movement denounced that there are no guarantees for school transportation. He said that in the country there is a huge deficit of public transport units and in rural areas many children do not have shoes to go to school. He assured that this also represents a blow to the pocket of almost 15 dollars a month per student.

quoting Antonio Ecarri, national president of this social and political organization, Ondarroa He said that Pencil’s concern is that children eat in order to learn. “These are the issues that we have to discuss (…) Today we make a call to the National Government and the rest of the political actors of the opposition, especially the G4. Instead of meeting in San Antonio de los Altoshidden from the Venezuelans, for an apparent dialogue where only a few benefit, let’s address the educational crisis, “he emphasized.

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Regarding this last issue, he made a proposal highlighting that the 6.8 million children enrolled, according to the Ministry of Educationin the public school system, represent an expense of 2,200 million dollars.

Based on this, he proposed that consensus be sought to allocate the public funds that both parties manage, so that the dialogue is useful for Venezuelan families: “It is time for us to think about the country (…) A country that does not have the education As the first item on the national agenda, it is a country that is condemned to hunger, backwardness and misery”, assured Ondarroa.

When asked by the journalists who attended the statement regarding the recent statements by the Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, in the framework of the United Nations Education Transformation Summit (UN), Ondarroa urged the official that “instead of going to New York to lie to the International community«, deals with recovering schools in the most vulnerable areas of the country.

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▷ Eric Ondarroa: Start of the school year has a cost of US$ 312 equivalent to 14 minimum wages – El Impulso