10 TV series to watch at Christmas (and what to go with it)

We have arrived at that time of the year when temperatures drop, the rain starts to become more frequent, your friends suddenly get sick and stand you up and even the Christmas holidays have begun. So it’s time to binge watching.

If you are one of those people who take a long time to choose a TV series to watch, we have selected ten that can be found in the catalog of Netflix Italyall to be seen in combination with something delicious and delicious to eat.


Let’s start with a bang from one of the latest releases in the catalogue, one spinoff of the Addams Family, produced by Tim Burton and landed on the platform starting November 23rd. The series follows the adventures of Wednesday Addams that, due to her sadistic and evil conduct, she is forced to face yet another school transfer. Finally, however, the protagonist will find herself in an institution where there will be bread for her teeth.

The dish that we advise you to combine with Wednesday’s vision is a Club Sandwich classic, but with black bread, in homage to the protagonist’s favorite colour.

The chess queen

TV series

This miniseries was released in October 2020 and immediately met with considerable success with the public. Beth is a girl who, passionate about the game of chess, will become the first woman to defeat the Russian masters of the discipline.

We have decided to include this TV series in our list as the protagonist, played by Anna Taylor-Joy (who became famous thanks to this series), is among the protagonists of The Menuthe film directed by Mark Mylod released a few weeks ago and which we are sure will cause a lot of talk in the world of food. It is a black satire set during a dinner in a molecular cuisine restaurant.

Going back to the series, since Beth lives in Kentucky, the dish we have decided to pair is the Kentucky Benedictine depa cucumber and cream cheese dip to use as a dip for dips or nachos.



The third piece of advice we give you is the Danish series that tells the Brigitte Nyborg story, a woman who will become prime minister of Denmark. It is considered by critics as one of the best TV series of the political genre. In 2022 Netflix has already produced the fourth season, enjoyable like the previous ones.

To this TV series, we decided to match the Smorrebrod, typical Danish cereal bread slices, to be seasoned as you prefer. We recommend spreadable cheese, smoked salmon and dill: one of the most classic versions.

Cabinet of curiosities


Cabinet of curiosities it’s a horror series created by Guillermo Del Toro, one of the greatest contemporary Mexican directors. In this anthological series, del Toro’s style is perfectly recognizable, although he is not the one directing it himself. The atmospheres dark and the big one suspense I am the common thread of all the episodes, to be seen all in one breath.

Given the narrative structure of the episodes, much more like small independent films, we recommend the more classic combination: Popcorn at will.

Master of None

TV series

We advise you, if you have not yet done so, to recover this pearl. It is a 2015 series created by Aziz Ansari, an American comedian of Indian origins. The series follows the life of Dev, played by Ansari himself, a 30-year-old actor trying to pursue his profession in New York. The second season is partly set in Modena and is ad high rate of food (with an appearance also by Massimo Bottura).

The dish to match are the tacoslike the ones the protagonist couldn’t eat in the last episode of the first season.

Russian Doll

TV series

Russian Doll is the story of Nadia who, on her 36th birthday, dies only to find herself reliving that day countless times, stuck in a loops thunderstorm. If you want to find out how the protagonist will get out of the vicious circle, lhe seasons to see active are two.

The dish that we match for the binge watching of this series are the Instant noodleswhich the protagonist, due to her lazy nature, consumes very often.

Everything asks for salvation

TV series

L’Netflix’s latest Italian production is about a boy who, following a psychological breakdown, has to face a week-long TSO in the psychiatry ward of a Roman hospital. In the fifth episode, the boys in the ward convince a nurse to abandon hospital food and order a pizza.

It’s right there Pizza the dish that we decide to combine with the vision of this series.


TV series

How not to recommend one of the brightest series in the catalogue? Crashing is the first work of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, one of the most talented contemporary screenwriters. Conceived in 2017, the story told is that of a group of boys who live in London, in a dilapidated hospital of which they are the guardians. Also in the cast is Jonathan Bailey, one of the protagonists of another very successful series: Bridgerton.

To pay homage to the restaurant free cutlery in which one of the protagonists works, we didn’t choose a particular dish. The important thing is that what you decide to eat is eaten exclusively with your hands.


TV series

Ethos is a Turkish series made by Netflix that follows the lives of some characters in contemporary Istanbul. The protagonist, Meryem, is a young maid daughter of a conservative family suffering from a mental disorder that causes her to faint. Precisely for this problem, the young woman will turn to the psychiatrist Peri who will find it very difficult to overcome the sense of superiority she feels towards the patient.

During one of her sessions, the protagonist will bring a dish for her consultant to taste, the Borek, a savory phyllo dough pie typical of Turkish cuisine. This is precisely the dish that we recommend consuming during the series.

Inside man

TV series

“Everyone is a killer: all it takes is a good reason and a bad day”. The plot of this British series develops on two plots: on the one hand, a former criminologist who, after murdering his wife, lives on death row, where he lends his skills to try to solve mysterious cases. On the other hand, a Protestant priest who loses his lucidity in the hope of being able to protect his family from the media pillory. The star actor of the series is Stanley Tucci, whose passion for Italian food is well known.

For this reason, as a pairing we have thought of his favorite pasta dish, perhaps to eat in a break between one episode and another: the Spaghetti Alla Nerano.

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