12th Festival of Brilliant Amateur Theater “Colli Aniene”

Antonio Barcella – November 24, 2022

Sunday 20 November 2022 ended with the awarding of the companies participating in the Brilliant Amateur Theater Festival “Colli Aniene – Rome” – CORTI SOCIAL.
We remind you that this year the Festival was organized in two different ways: an initial part online through the Facebook page of the “I Scoordinati” for the assignment of the “Social Award” and a final live part where the performances took place of the six short films in competition with the awarding of prizes to the winners on the same evening.
The President of the APS “I Scoordinati” Luigi Filosa and the Artistic Director Marco Consiglio, who are part of the Organizing Committee together with his partner Mauro Galentino, were very satisfied with the success of the Review; the participation of the online public was very significant, in fact 4,257 people interacted on the “I Scoordinati” Facebook page for the awarding of the Social Prize! But the live performances were also successful… the theater hall was packed and the spectators enjoyed seeing the various shows presented by the competing companies of Rome and the Province.
The Festival was organized thanks to the collaboration of the “Sogester” Society and the APS
“Il Foro” in the person of Luigi Polito and his efficient staff in particular Linda Di Domenica, and thanks to the help of some sponsors present in the district including the “Vivere a Colli Aniene” association.

During the performance of the shorts, the spectators were enlivened by the talented singer Francesca Marziali who sang various songs from her repertoire which were greatly appreciated by the audience in the hall. The event took place at the theater of the elementary school “I. Calvino” in Via A. Bongiorno, 25 – Rome and for this we must thank the Principal Dr. Patrizia Tozi and her Managers for having granted the authorization to the shows and the school assistant Mrs. Federica Pignatelli for her precious assistance during the day of the Festival.
It was also a pleasure to have the President Massimiliano Umberti, the Councilor for Culture Maurizio Rossi, the Councilor Federico Proietti and Danila Fruci in the double capacity of President of the School Commission and member of the Quality Jury present at the Festival of Institutions.
All the members of the “I Scoordinati” have done their utmost to ensure a smooth and efficient running of the Festival. Naturally the protagonists were actors, authors, directors, technicians of the companies who enthusiastically participated in the event.
We remind you that the Festival has become a cultural and social reference point in the neighborhood over the years.

The Quality Jury, made up of:
• The President Marcello Galletti – theater actor;
• Rosanna Baiocco – theater director;
• Danila Fruci – writer, director and theater actress;
awarded the “Best Show” Award to the short film “Inevitabilmente” by the “Piccolo Palcoscenico” Company of Pomezia.
The same company also won the “Best Audience Appreciation Show” award with 34 preferences out of 63 voting spectators.

Awards assigned by the Technical Jury
• “Best Direction” Award: Lodovico Bellè of the “Allegra Compagnia degli Assurdi” in Rome with the short “Our first meeting”;
• “Best Supporting Actress” Award: Nicoletta Fantò of the Company “I Cerchi nel Grano” in Rome with the short film “Il Conquistatore”;
• “Best Supporting Actor” Award: Annito Delle Donne of the Company
“Piccolo Palcoscenico” of Pomezia with the short “Inevitabilmente”;
• “Best Character Actress” Award: Marina Buoncristiani of the “Ferro e Fuoco” Company of Rome with the short film “Eh No… Eh No…Eh No”;
• “Best character actor” award: Roberto Noce of the “Amici di Battuta” company in Latina with the short film: “Lovers in crisis”;
• “Best Actress” Award: Elisa Iannetti of the “Allegra Compagnia degli Assurdi” in Rome with the short: “Our first meeting”;
• “Best leading actor” award: Enzo Ardone of the “La Bottega dei Rebardò” company in Rome with the short: “Flash D’autore”;
• “Social” Award: Company “Amici di Battuta” of Latina with the short “Lovers in crisis” with 309 preferences on the Facebook page of “I Scoordinati”;
• “TULLIO SCATENA” Solidarity Award: “Ferro e Fuoco” Company of Rome
with the short: “Eh No … Eh No … Eh No”.

We remind you that the prize was established a few years ago in memory of his friend “Tullio Scatena” and is awarded to the theatrical short that more than others expresses the values ​​of solidarity that inspired the birth of the Festival, values ​​so dear to the late playwright and author of theatrical texts by Colli Aniene.
“Continue to follow us with enthusiasm … we of the “I Scoordinati” Association will continue to bring theater and art to our neighborhood which, we remember, have a unique and fundamental value in society since they create that detachment that at the same time unites and strengthens the link between people, with reality, with our ideas and dreams that ultimately each of us has in our drawer.”

See you next year with the 13th Brilliant Amateur Theater Festival
“Colli Aniene – Rome”!

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12th Festival of Brilliant Amateur Theater “Colli Aniene” – SOCIAL SHORTS: The winners