A dramatic twist, the Cours Florent is coming to Grasse!

And if the future Auteuil, Lindon, Adjani, Kiberlain or Niney came to hatch in Grasse? Effervescence, Wednesday morning in the bowels of the International Museum of Perfumery, the scene of the signing of the agreement between the City and the Cours Florent (1).

Incubator of talents since its creation by François Florent in 1967, the acting school, recognized internationally, arrives in the city of perfumes. Indeed, from December and until next August, its teachers will come to provide five intensive courses, open to all. [lire plus loin]. “A huge honor” smiles the mayor, Jérôme Viaud, proud to see the culmination of an approach “so desired, to offer [la] city ​​an exceptional formation.”

So why did the Cours Florent, which continues to establish itself in Europe (after Brussels and Berlin, it will soon be London), choose Grasse? “Already, because we were wonderfully welcomed” says Frédéric Montfort, honorary president of the school, which he joined 40 years ago.

“The city is growing, it was the right time”

Nostalgic for his time at TdG “in 1982 or 1.983 alongside Michèle Morgan”, He pursues: “It is a university city, of culture, known throughout the world. It is developing things vis-à-vis youth, training: it was the right time.”

The right time to come and dispense the house philosophy, faithful to that of its creator: “We have no methodreveals Frédéric Montfort. We get attached to people and, somewhere, there are as many methods as there are students and teachers. It is the personalities of young people who interest us and seek, with them, how to make them evolve in the performing arts. It’s that evolution that matters.”

That of the actors; of their arts, too. “Drama pedagogy is constantly evolvinghe recalls. We don’t play today like 40 years ago. This is why I want our teaching staff to be very young: that our trainers are in tune with the profession, that they themselves are in the process of creating.”

Towards a permanent establishment at Grasse Campus?

So, if he admits that the Cours Florent “seeks to train pros”Frédéric Montfort argues that the main thing is elsewhere: “We teach them this profession but we also owe them an important cultural background. If they do something else later, they should leave our home richer than they entered. As a person, as a citizen too.”

Recalling that apart from theater lessons, the school is also “known for her high-level training in singing, dancing, eloquence, improvisation, etc.”Jérôme Viaud has an idea in mind: “Perhaps, tomorrow, the Cours Florent could have its campus in Grasse, as in Paris, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Brussels [et Berlin]

So, what does Frédéric Montfort think of it? “Let’s say that you always arrive in a city in the same way: you start with internships and you see the possibilities. Wherever we have campuses, things have happened like this…”

Does the answer seem evasive to you? It’s because you didn’t see his smirk when he formulated it…

1. But also the CAPG and the Théâtre de Grasse.

A dramatic twist, the Cours Florent is coming to Grasse!