A full theater ends self

  • The activity framed in the communal plan for School Coexistence “Crecemos Juntos” and the agreement signed between the Municipal and Culture Corporations, had as exponent the comedian Pedro Ruminot.

The president of the board of directors of the Municipal Corporation of Rancagua and mayor Juan Ramón Godoy gave the go-ahead to the last day of self-care and laughter therapy for teachers and education assistants at the Lucho Gatica Regional Theater, which was attended by more than 700 teachers and educational assistants.

This second day of humor aimed at those who work in establishments belonging to CORMUN, had the participation of the national comedian Pedro Ruminot, who made the entire educational community present laugh and enjoy.

For Mayor Juan Ramón Godoy, the day was a complete success, since “after 2 very difficult years of the pandemic, the sudden entry into the classrooms generated a series of coexistence problems in the educational communities, for this reason we decided to take care of our teachers, our education assistants, as well as students, with playful and entertaining activities, to have healthy school communities, with good school life, building a culture of peace and laughter is always a remedy to contribute to it ”.

“We are working to have the support of the State in the mental health problem, we know that this is a reality not only in Rancagua, but also in the entire country,” the mayor pointed out.

Along these lines, it should be noted that last week, the Rancaguino mayor met with the Undersecretary of Education in Santiago, on which occasion he indicated that “it is not possible for educational communities to enter classes without mental health programs, it is urgent that the Ministry of Education provide us with resources that allow us to attend to such a complex issue that occurs not only in the region; but at the country level and that have been reflected in the behavior of the students”.

The event held on the afternoon of Monday 21, is part of the “Crecemos juntos cerca de ti” program, which has as one of its main objectives to strengthen healthy coexistence and restorative environments through socio-emotional learning of all community actors. educational.

Jorge Abarca Miranda, in charge of School Coexistence at the Liceo Comercial Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez expressed his gratitude to the mayor Juan Ramón Godoy “for this type of action, which allows us in one way or another to disconnect from day to day and have a pleasant moment of fun ”, adding that “The return of students to the different educational establishments has generated a great emotional burden on the staff, so this type of activities and others that are being developed lead us to improve the personal care of each one of them. officials, improve the social, personal and emotional climate. It has had us with a fairly strong overload during the year and all these types of activities are valued in which the staff can have a minute of relaxation and recreation ”he said.

Paulina San Martín, Social Worker at Liceo Francisco Tello commented that “these instances are super important for all the teams that are in the establishments, directors, teachers and education assistants, they are a space to relax and have a good time and to be able to share in other instances outside the establishment.

The activity is part of the communal plan for School Coexistence “Crecemos Juntos” and the agreement signed between the Municipal and Cultural Corporations, which a few weeks ago was attended by the comedian Natalia Valdebenito and yesterday it was the turn of her colleague Pedro Ruminot , who closes the cycle of conferences carried out, in which hundreds of students and teachers from schools and high schools belonging to the Municipal Corporation participated.

Nicolás Salgado Ahumada, communal president of the College of Teachers, pointed out that: “these activities are very important for us, since we had raised it from the beginning and they are within our proposals and lines of work, we congratulate the Municipal Corporation and the mayor Juan Ramón Godoy”.

For his part, Carlos Pérez, president of the Union of Educational Assistants, stated that “after the time of confinement as a result of the pandemic, it is super important to work with education personnel and this is a pretty good instance to improve coexistence and work stress of our post-pandemic officials ”.

With this pioneering initiative at the regional level, framed in the Community School Coexistence Plan called “Crecemos Juntos”, it seeks to improve the mental health of all members of the educational communities through playful and recreational activities, and there are more than 9,500 students and around than 1,300 teachers and educational assistants from CORMUN schools, high schools and kindergartens who have benefited this year.


A full theater ends self-care workshops for teachers and education assistants of the Municipal Corporation of Rancagua