A school reopens that is no longer what it once was

The school has lost its dignity, the one that is about to reopen no longer selects: all purebred foals and no mestizos

by Sergio Genovese

The bass drums are ready, the trumpet players already have their heads upwards ready to blow hard into the instrument because the blasts, once again, will fill the opening of the new school year with rhetoric. Executives and bureaucrats of the dark ministerial rooms have already developed circulars and ordinances to explain below what the start should be.

They are the same ones who authorized school administrators to be well-paid designers in the ERDF and PON to push them into a serious conflict of interest that the Public Prosecutors should deal with. For the students, the end of August has always had a melancholy version, the passage between the waves at the school desk stimulates regrets and remorse for what could not be done. The signs are already with the shot in the barrel, the first communications on the management of the autumn Covid, are already confused and contradictory. Even if a student becomes infected, he will no longer have the right to the dad definitively desecrated while originally idolized.

The new government structure will propose a new Minister, we hope less flaccid and we hope for new lieutenants in the suburbs in the hope of finding them more in the schools instead of in the rooms of power to feed on ceremonials. At the end of the sixties we had the best elementary school in the world and excellent middle and high schools.

The teachers were passionate educators with the hope of delivering children of meat and not of cardboard to the Society. Their daily mission was enriched with overflowing passion, there were few who made it through the night. The schools at the entrance smelled of coffee and gave everyone (staff and users) that serenity that announced the success of the planned actions. Due to the frenzy of always wanting to change even what was tinged with victories, by dint of reforming it, the Italian Elementary School, for example, has progressively lost the primacy of global reference to return to a less identifying role.

The prevailing technology has taken the soul away from an institution that was the central nucleus of a society that still had reference values ​​that fed on the fascination emanating from those masters considered such, even exceeding their role as teachers.

The School has become a battleground that appeals to lawyers who in the absence of raw material, an appeal for a rejection or an unwanted vote, are always ready to put it up. I remember that when I was on duty a mother proud of being a protector to be consigned to history (which one?) Climbed all the degrees of scholastic justice to challenge the provision of a one-day suspension with the obligation of attendance that wanted to have a symbolic and not punitive value . The reality built over time is this despite the clumsy resistance of those who do not want to admit their responsibilities which over time have become faults. The School has lost its dignity, all the actors are on the same level because no one likes to fight and all have approved the law to attack the donkey where the master wants even if it is no longer clear who is the master. Students, parents, teachers, managers, all on the same starting line and all with the same tasks. When things flow smoothly for everyone the air is light, sweet and caressing. As soon as any desired is altered then the trenches are ready. Imagine the reader if this climate is comparable to those masters who also taught me how to hold cutlery in my hands or how to hand out scissors. Those Professors taught you Dante but in the end he was more interested in whether they were able to convey the sense of knowing how to live at the crossroads of the winds. They were more careful to understand if those boys had adapted to the circumstances of life and if they understood that the falls were the antechambers of future successes. Today a four in Latin pushes the obligation to involve all specialists in order to delude oneself of understanding the reason for certain impossible failures. The school that is about to reopen no longer selects, all purebred foals and no mestizos, the evaluation before completing it is the result of grueling negotiations and negotiations that alter the ancestral meaning of a fulfillment that had an important life value. Therefore, a school year of post globalization starts again, so much that it has long since gone astray.

A school reopens that is no longer what it once was