A short film to say ‘no’ to bullying, violence and homophobia

ROME – Lorenzo he is a teenage boy homosexualvery shy and withdrawn. Wear cobalt blue nail polish on your fingernails and pencil around the eyes. At school he is bullied by Saverioa classmate of his who makes his days hell.
Lorenzo knows that insults await him every day, shoulder attacks, aggressions of all kinds, physical and verbal. Luckily there is Lola, her best friend who is always close to him, helps him overcome difficult moments and defends him from Saverio’s wickedness.

One day, in the school bathroom, Lorenzo is attacked, with insults related to his own sexuality and receives the umpteenth violence, a bucket of water, which Saverio takes back with his own smartphones and publish on web. When Lorenzo realizes that the video of theassault is online and sees that all the comrades put ‘like’ And comments mocking himremains shocked, does not understand so much wickedness.
Lola, who is next to him at that moment, tries to make him react, but Lorenzo runs away from her too.


He runs onto the terrace of the house because he wants to end it allbut meets his gaze reflected on a glass of a window: suddenly he changes expression, sits down, takes his smartphones And find the courage to start a live broadcast on social mediatalking about himself, responding to all the people who are making fun of him, he rebels against everything and everyone, he does it in a calm and tired tone, but with firmness and decision.

She declares herself fearless for who she is, confirming that she won’t change for anyone, because her life matters and it’s worth it. The boy’s words suddenly enter everyone’s heart, even those who laughed at him, his live broadcast goes viral and Saverio, the bully, is abandoned by all the people who had supported him until recently.


The following morning Lorenzo enters school, his classmates are waiting for him at the entrance and he is almost afraid to go in but he is greeted by lots of applause and love and understands that he has finally been accepted. Soon after, Saverio arrives at school, but for him no applause, only silence, indifference and outrage: waiting for him there are the professor and the headmasters who expel him immediately. Despite everything, Lorenzo forgives him. And with a a surprise ending.


It is the story of Lorenzo and Saverio told in short film ‘Cobalt Blue’, written and directed by Nunzio Fabrizio Rotondo and Paolo Vita, made by the Laboratory ‘A woman’in collaboration with theJohn Paul II Institute of Ostia against the violence and the bullying and presented today in the Hall of the Protomoteca in the Campidoglio. Shot in Ostia with non-professional guysthe video focuses on episodes of bullying and homophobia in adolescent schools.


“The short film ‘Blu cobalto’ tells the story of a homosexual boy who finds himself subjected to the harassment of a bully classmate – he explains to the Dire agency the director, Paolo Vita– but who reacts with dignity and expressive ability, such as to involve the entire school, manages to get out of his nightmare by finding his classmates stand up against all forms of violence“. “This short film – he underlines – teaches children fundamental values ​​and respect for others under the banner of non-violence”.


In the hall, in addition to the students of the John Paul II Institute of Ostia, the protagonists of the short film, the screenwriters, directors and actors, many guests from the world of entertainment and cinema. Between these, the president of the ‘Laboratory A Woman’, Maricetta Tirrito, Rachel MussoliniSergio De Caprio (Captain Last), Don Antonio Coluccia and the director Ambrogio Crespi.

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A short film to say ‘no’ to bullying, violence and homophobia