Adolescence alarm: “Fragile and disoriented children, children of the liquid society”

In 2019, over a period of 3 months, the doctors of the pediatric emergency room intervened for six cases of attempted suicide among minors. In the same period of 2021attempts to take their own life were 52. This dramatic figure is enough to photograph a social emergency that affects young and very young people.

It was discussed today, Tuesday 20 September, at Villa Recalcati in the conference “Against the wind“Organized by “Piccolo Principe” social cooperative society to take stock of the growing request for help that arises from the world of children and young people.


The discussion saw the participation of institutions such as the Prefect Salvatore Pasquariello which has activated a table in which the students of the Student Council also participate to trigger a profitable dialogue between all the actors (school, health, public bodies and the third sector) in response to a need for assistance from those who represent the future “but who today it is our pressing present “. Among the critical issues presented by the Prefect also the consideration of one of the students of the Council who cited “the difficulty in relating with teachers: only a low percentage of children recognize the school authorities “. The President of the Province, as well as Mayor of Busto Arsizio, did the honors of the house, Emanuele Antonelli who praised the third sector, starting with the Piccolo Principe cooperative, a precious ally in giving answers: “Even just one person saved is a gift to the whole community”.

To bring greetings the general manager of Ats Insubria Lucas Maria Gutierrez to which the socio-health projects expressed by the territory and the president of the Regional Welfare Commission belong Emanuele Monti who claimed the regional commitment on two priority issues: «Addictions, which are not only those related to substances, and the strengthening of child neuropsychiatry on which resources have been invested. By the end of the year we will define standards and objectives for those who will be accredited to provide local services. We will open a new and fundamental way to combat youth problems ».

conference adolescence discomfort


On a scientific level, to give a picture of the obvious problems between isolation, loneliness, addictions, self-harm and violence there were Professor Giorgio Rossi, Director of Child Neuropsychiatry at Del Ponte in Varese, the Professor Ernestina Politi head of general psychiatry of the San Raffaele in Milan and the Professor Fabio Madeddu, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Bicocca University of Milan.

Professor Rossi spoke of the exponential increase in requests to services: «The pandemic, however – underlined the head of the NPIA Del Ponte – has only exacerbated a crisis that had already occurred in the 90s. As he says Bauman, in the liquid society in which we find ourselves, there is a lack of reference points, certainties. Uncertainty creates insecurity. The pandemic has entered this context by exacerbating its criticalities, magnifying the already perceived dystopian reality. And, mind you, it was not the fear of the virus that the boys did not detect, nor of death from the disease. They only experienced isolation or as a continuation of an ideal situationas for the so-called Hikikomori the Japanese boys who shy away from the very competitive society, or as an insurmountable barrier to enter the community of reference. Thus the “neet”, the “lying down” increased. The moments of Lock down have contributed to increasing tensions within families. The search for escape has led them to the dark web where there are substances, new, unknown to most, with dangerous effects. The “Gender fluid”: in recent months I have met many young people who declare themselves “Fluid” in the genre because it allows them to have an escape route in a period of great uncertainty

It was then there Professor Politi to give the “genetic” explanation of the explosion of critical issues. A demonstration that, starting from everyone’s DNA, has come to show how epigenetics you tell the evolution of the individual condition in response to the social and environmental context in which we live and how the level of “inflammation”, that is triggered when we react to uncomfortable situations, if it becomes permanent it changes our very nature and balance: “It is the same principle that is found at the level of Planet Earth that ignites to counter adverse situations but which, in the long run, due to the perennial state of emergency changes its structure”.

conference adolescence discomfort

What to do then?

He is the psychologist Fabio Madeddu to give some ideas on “prevention” which certainly starts from the study, from the individual situation, from the path taken. For everyone, adolescence is a time of confrontation and confrontation: you travel on a track that is directed towards crossroads to take: “There are obstacles that become insurmountable and lead to derailment – explains Professor Madeddu – Today the paths they meet are less defined, but it is up to the specialist to identify the signs of frailty and understand how to deal with them, how to place oneself in front of the boy, identify his attitudes, his attempts to distort the relationship. Everything to get there to that “turning point” which is the turning point to get back on track and proceed. It takes time and perseverance, to proceed in small steps ».

Induce “lPapageno effect“, Quotes Professor Rossi recalling Mozart’s” Magic Flute “: «To arrive, with any tool at our disposal, to improve the vision of life and the future».

Adolescence alarm: “Fragile and disoriented children, children of the liquid society”