Alessandro Cattelan: the Focus Junior interview

Alessandro Cattelan is one of the best known conductors in the world of entertainment. Born on 11 May 1980 in Tortona, in the province of Alessandria, he made his debut on television when he was very young as a DJ in the musical programs of Viva All Music and Mtv.

From DJ to TV presenter

Today, Alessandro Cattelan, in addition to being the voice of Radio Deejay, is also one of the most loved faces on TV. Passionate about football and super fan of Inter, he does not lose a game of his favorite team and, when he can, plays for charity with the National Soccer TV team.

We caught up with him online and here’s what he told us.

Hi Ale, we know you have many passions, but can you tell us which one you … are most passionate about?

“Well, if I have to tell the truth, my great love is toys! I have so many of them, so much so that my wife made me move them to the office because they took up too much space. They are the same ones I played with when I was your age, or I was even younger. I remember when I received each one and I know perfectly which ones were given to me for Christmas, which ones for birthday or because that year I did particularly well at school … For me it is like looking at an old photo of when I was a kid, one of the periods most beautiful of my life “.

So tell us: what was Alessandro Cattelan like at 10?

«I was a real, great football fan. I think it was my main interest from when I woke up in the morning until I went to sleep in the evening ».

At 13 instead?

«Football was still in my heart, but I was also starting to go out in the afternoon, to have a bit of freedom, which seemed like a gigantic achievement. There was the thrill of a new world to discover and I liked doing it with my friends: for example, organizing school-year pizza with them.

Did you read as a kid?

“When I was little, I used to leaf through Mickey from time to time. Maybe because my parents read little and I imitated them. I think the example is fundamental, I notice it with my daughter who, seeing me often with a book in hand, has become a decent reader. She would never stop. Not even to go to sleep. ‘

But if you read little as a child, how badly you are switched to writing children’s books?

“I was actually inspired by my daughter Nina. she who is now nine years old. The first book came out last Christmas and is called Emma frees everyone while the last is Emma detective. In a certain sense, they exist thanks to his imagination and his hand. “

If you went back in time what is the thing that you would not do anymore?

“Maybe I wouldn’t dye my hair blonde. When I was 16 I used to walk around with bleached hair, I was ridiculous.”

In Live have you ever been afraid of making mistakes?

“No. I have always taken the job with great serenity. It can happen that you make a mistake, but nothing happens if you stumble upon some mistake ».

What music did you listen to as a boy?

“I loved pop, the equivalent of today’s BTS or One Direction. So bands like the Backstreet Boys or Take That. Then I really liked rap! As a teenager, on the other hand, I started listening to Brit-pop like Oasis to Blur ».

Now who is your favorite singer?

«I like an artist who is not really a singer, but an American comedian, actor, songwriter whose name is Bo Burnham. He’s very smart, follow him. ‘

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