Alfredo Del Mazo renders Fifth Government Report in Edomex

This September 12, the governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Del Mazo Mazarenders its Fifth Work Report to publicize the progress made this year in the entity, which highlights the investments, generation of employment, the delivery of the Pink Salary, support to the countryside and the rehabilitation of public spaces.

Accompanied by his wife and honorary president of the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIFEM), Fernanda Castillo de Del Mazoandn the Government Palace of the State of Mexico, Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza, issues a message on the occasion of his Fifth Government Report, in which He is accompanied by different personalities from political life in Mexico.

In this emblematic site of the Mexican capital, part of the political class of the entity and the country is concentrated, as a representative of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Secretary of the Interior attended, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez.

This fifth report is also attended by the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardoin addition to the former governors, Eruviel Ávila Villegas, Arturo Montiel Rojas, Emilio Chuayffet and Alfredo Barandaamong others.

Also in attendance were the leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alexander Moreno; of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, in addition to Ruben Moreira, Manuel Velasco, Ricardo Monrealamong other political actors.

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Also in attendance was Ricardo Sodi Cuellar, president of the Superior Court of Justice and of the Council of the Judiciary and Maurilio Hernandez Gonzalezpresident of the Political Coordination Board of the LXI state Legislature and the president of the Board of Directors of the local Legislature, Enrique Jacob Rocha.

Representatives of the business and religious sectors, civil society organizations, as well as members of the original peoples of the entity were also summoned.

Claudia Sheinbaum

The governor began his report by announcing that they have integrated a series of actions with the Strong Families program that has given access to vulnerable sectors in education, food, housing, adding more than 7 million unique beneficiarieswhere 6 out of 10 are women.

As for the administration there are 21 million food baskets granted to people with disabilities, indigenous minors, women and older adults for more than 770,000 Mexiquenses, where 8 out of 10 beneficiaries are women. The entity’s food programs are among the best rated in the country

In 5 years, DIFEM has provided breakfasts that have reduced overweight levels and has also built one of the most complete programs for the care of older adults with the Day Houses via 271 units where four out of 10 were built or rehabilitated in this administration. where older adults receive medical and psychological care and l7 million basic baskets have been allocated.

In five years They have created the largest care network for people with disabilities in the countrywhere the latest installment in Cuautitlán Izcalli stands out and will join the Specialized Rehabilitation Network, where will offer more than 450 thousand people attention. In addition to the fact that they have offered 6 million therapies and they have delivered special vehicles to transport patients.

They delivered 42 thousand property titlesmore than half have been for women, in addition They have reviewed more than 72 thousand housing improvement actions. He assured that women are the support of the homes and the pillar of the communities for that reason The Rosa Salary recognizes the effort, talent and contribution of housewives and heads of families where by the end of the year the program will have reached more than 600,000 women.

Currently 92 percent of the beneficiaries have received training in various areas so that they can be financially independent- “Today I reiterate to the housewives my greatest commitment, thanks to all the housewives of the State of Mexico”.

The educational system of the State of Mexico is the largest in the entire country and has just started the return to school with the support of more than 253 thousand teachers and teachers, the “Escuela Cuenta Contigo” program, thousands of students have resumed their studies; I know 660,000 scholarships have been awarded at all levels, of which 7 out of 10 have been for women; as well as the 15 million school packages granted. Another achievement has been the 7 thousand 770 educational spaces improved.

Through Comecyt they have delivered 20 thousand scholarshipswhere they have been recognized for their promotion and contribution to science where have financed 220 projects. “The world needs more science, science needs more women, and women need more opportunities.”

More than 60 thousand doctors, nurses, brigade members, paramedics and administrative personnel where as a team they have applied 33 million vaccines against covid; In addition to this, to achieve greater attention, they have rehabilitated 529 medical units, in addition to 133 million consultations, 2 million 500 thousand surgeries and administered more than 42 million vaccines, which reduced infant mortality by up to 34 percent.

More than 10 million preventive actions in women’s health, where they have attended 240 thousand mothers of families and also reduced teen pregnancy by 36 percent.

Another aspect that has been highlighted is the arrival of investments to the Mexican territory on the part of the private initiative with companies with an industrial vocation and that have announced their installation mainly in areas of the Valley of Mexico.

The governor recently delivered the Rehabilitation of the Plaza de Los Mártireslocated in Toluca, but to this are added the science parksthe 75 rehabilitated sports spacesas well as the remodeling of 81 cultural spaces.


Alfredo Del Mazo renders Fifth Government Report in Edomex