All the troubles of the «Messiah» Ezra Miller, inside the dark spiral of Flash

During this time of crisis, Miller is said to have put the phone on speakerphone and started calling people to fire them in front of a small audience. “He fired every single person, starting with businessmen, his parents, every single person, one by one,” says some of those present. Miller seemed to be enjoying himself: “He would giggle after the person started crying or something.”

When the two longtime friends returned to the actor’s house about a week later, they report that Miller had convinced their entourage to give him the passcode to the safe and had stocked up on weapons. “They had a flamethrower and all these huge AK-47s lying around,” says one of them. “There were guns everywhere” (the actor’s attorney says all firearms and ammunition are registered, legal and locked in an out of the way location).

It was February and two people say the actor was persuaded to undergo a mental health assessment. Later, Miller told them that they had brought a gun to meet the social worker and that, as a result, they had been escorted by police to a medical facility. Miller bragged that he passed the evaluation with flying colors.

Behavior control

March 2022, Hawaii

When Miller traveled to Hawaii this spring, the actor no longer looked like the chiseled cheekbone style icon he once wore bold looks at the Met Gala. Miller was emaciated and ill-dressed, and ate on rum-supplemented energy drinks, gas station snacks, and “medicine,” according to one witness. “‘Medicine’ is just a code word for whatever drug they decide is a medicine that week,” says a second person who has known Miller for over ten years. drugs, but mental health “).

Miller was accompanied by Tokata Iron Eyes, whom the actor met during a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016. In Hawaii, the actor has repeatedly claimed to be acting as Iron Eyes’ adoptive guardian, although it is alleged that the teenager was left without a phone, money, underwear, socks and even shelter. The two lived as vagrants, sleeping a few nights in a polyester tent pitched on top of a volcano. “There was intense controlling behavior on Tokata’s part which, at first, I thought was for Tokata’s sake, because they were unstable,” says someone who has witnessed it. But their perspective changed when Iron Eyes’ parents petitioned for the protection order, claiming that Miller used “violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to maintain control over a young teenager, Tokata “. Iron Eyes told Insider that the parents conducted “a disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign against Miller,” adding that the actor “in many cases did the right thing and took sides to protect others.”

It was a strange match in Hawaii: a nearly 30-year-old Hollywood actor and a teenage activist. But Miller recounted the report, four people say. “The story I’ve heard is that [Iron Eyes] she was running away from a family environment intolerant of her sexuality or gender identity, “says a longtime friend.” It’s a compelling story in 2022. I bought it. “Iron Eyes’ mother denies this statement:” We want simply that Tokata is independent, confident and happy. We don’t want a 30-year-old man or person to manipulate and / or take advantage of her. “

All the troubles of the «Messiah» Ezra Miller, inside the dark spiral of Flash