Apple TV. Occitan audiovisual has (finally) found a platform – ToulÉco

The pugnacity and ardor of Sonia Paramo and Pascal Bonnet was able to convince. The regional cultural television channel passionately defended by the two producers from Toulouse [1] was born at the end of October 2022. Pom TV [2] was, in fact, presented publicly on Friday, October 18.

First of all, it is a free digital platform that contains around a hundred hours of programs of great formal diversity (documentaries, short films, series, recordings of shows, video art, podcasts, etc. ) and thematic (nature, science, aeronautics, social issues, sport, etc.) in order to allow a better dissemination of these works. But Pom TV is also a TV channel that will broadcast a live stream [3]. What unites all the broadcast audiovisual objects? Their creation in Occitania or in neighboring departments (Pyrénées-Atlantiques or Lot-et-Garonne for example). Several communities are accompanying the adventure (the Department of Haute-Garonne, the City of Castres and very soon that of Millau).

In the world of local cinema, the Cinémathèque de Toulouse (which also hosted the launch), the Jean-Vigo Institute in Perpignan and the National School of Audiovisual (Ensav) in Toulouse are on board. “There is a difficulty for our students to distribute their first works. Pom TV will allow them to be in contact with producers while confronting them with the expectations of a broadcaster”, rejoices Alexandre Beznosiuk, the director of Ensav. Approved by Arcom [4]Pom TV should obtain, in 2023, an agreement with the National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC) which will allow it in particular to be able to broadcast more films live.

A cultural medium that wants to attract communities and patrons

The third television media in Occitanie (after France 3 Occitanie and ViàOccitanie [5]) was created in the form of a cooperative society of collective interest (Scic) of forty-seven partners bringing together different types of actors (producers, directors, authors, communities or simple spectators wishing to commit to the project). The channel is already collaborating on twenty-three film projects in production.

Aware of “the fragility of the economic model”, Pom TV wants to convince more communities (such as the Occitanie Region, Toulouse and Montpellier in particular) and private sponsors to support it in its mission of “radiation of culture in Occitania and the excellence of its audiovisual production”. Support could also come from Catalonia. The cultural channel is indeed in the process of forging partnerships with Catalan producers which would allow Pom TV to obtain funding from the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion.

Sonia Paramo and Pascal Bonnet “didn’t save themselves” for the project to see the light of day. This project, they have been talking about it with their producer friends for “two decades”. It was, for them, “the moment to accelerate” and to definitively prove that “the audiovisual industry in France is not four sets in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Paris region”, sums up Sonia Paramo mischievously.

Matthias Hardoy

Pictured: Producers Sonia Paramo and Pascal Bonnet, at the initiative of this local cultural television channel. They are accompanied by Alexandre Beznosiuk, the director of Ensav, Toulouse film school. Credit: Hélène Ressayres – ToulÉco.


[1] Sonia Paramo directs Les Films Figures Libres and Pascal Bonnet is the creator of the production company Les Films du Sud.

[2] For Pyrénées Occitanie Méditerranée Television.

[3] Initially, one hour once or twice a week, then one hour each day of the week.

[4] Regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication which notably took over in 2022 from the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA).

[5] Co-productions are also underway with ViàOccitanie, proof that “the channels are complementary”, according to Sonia Paramo.

Apple TV. Occitan audiovisual has (finally) found a platform – ToulÉco