Appointment: Thierry Hegay, an experienced prefect in charge of “bear” issues in the Pyrenees

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The Council of Ministers appointed this Wednesday Thierry Hegay prefect in charge of “bear” subjects in the Pyrenees. This sexagenarian with an atypical and complete career will have a lot to do to appease an always explosive file.

Dominique Faure, Secretary of State in charge of Rurality, had announced it in our columns on November 8: “A new bear prefect will arrive in December.” The name of this prefect is now known. Étienne Guyot, prefect of the Occitanie region, announced this Wednesday the appointment in today’s Council of Ministers of Thierry Hegay, “prefect in charge of a public service mission under the Government, alongside Étienne Guyot, coordinating prefect of the massif of the Pyrenees, in charge of “bear” subjects in the Pyrenees massif.” Thierry Hegay succeeds Denis Olagnon and “will continue to strengthen the dialogue between all the actors and to support the prefects of the department in the action they carry out as close as possible to the territories.” He is due to take office in mid-December 2022.

For this thorny issue of the bear in the Pyrenees, the government has chosen an experienced prefect. A graduate of a law degree and of the School of Maritime Affairs Administration, in 1993 he held the position of chief of staff as sub-prefect to the prefect of the Basse-Normandie region. In 1994 he joined the corps of sub-prefects and a year later worked as chief of staff to the High Commissioner of the Republic in French Polynesia. He will also hold the position of project manager for the prefect of the southern defense zone, prefect of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region.

Transport, tourism, land use planning

In 1999, he joined the central administration as head of the personnel office. He then held various positions in the Department of Civil Defense and Security. He then worked in ministries, as director of tourism policies in the tourism department of the Ministry of Transport, Equipment, Tourism and the Sea, then as technical adviser to the office of the minister delegated to regional planning and in the office of the Secretary of State responsible for the overseas territories.

He then held the positions of sub-prefect of the district of Mantes-la-Jolie in Yvelines, secretary general of the prefecture of Seine-Maritime and sub-prefect of the district of Cambrai in the North. He is currently sub-prefect of the district of Thionville in Moselle.

An atypical journey started at Porsche

This very varied prefectural itinerary began after an atypical journey, to say the least, started… as a mechanic. “I actually started as a car mechanic. I quickly had the chance to join the prestigious laboratory of the German manufacturer Porsche. From there, I left for fifteen years in the merchant navy as an administrator of maritime affairs. I entered the prefectural body, by file and a pre-selection, in 1993”, told Mr. Hegay to our colleagues from the Republican Lorrain during his installation as sub-prefect of Thionville.

Aged 65, this native of Maubeuge will have the heavy task of calming a case where tensions are still high. In other words, doing precision mechanics…

Appointment: Thierry Hegay, an experienced prefect in charge of “bear” issues in the Pyrenees