Approve public policy to promote Healthy Eating School Environments


The Cartagena Economic and Social Policy Council unanimously approved the Public Policy document that establishes the guidelines to promote Food School Environments Healthy from a focus on the realization of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition.

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The approval and application of this Public Policy is consistent with the recommendations established in the action plan for the prevention of obesity in childhood and adolescence of the World Health Organization (WHO).), placing the District of Cartagena as a pioneer in addressing this serious problem from a Human Rights approach, thus ratifying the Mayor’s commitment to the well-being of present and future generations.

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The Policy will implement 17 Products, in which 10 District entities will work in an articulated manner, so that the educational community can enjoy protective spaces, guarantors of Rights and free of junk food. It will also help that this population grow with dignity and surrounded by the color and flavor of adequate food, supported by healthy, real food and that rescues the traditional and cultural value of food.

The girls, boys and adolescents of the Official and Unofficial Educational Institutions of the Cartagena District will benefit from the approval and forthcoming implementation of the Public Policy for Healthy Food School Environments, by the Council of Economic and Social Policy of the District – CONPES Cartagena DT and C

It is important to highlight that this Public Policy is the result of a participatory process that has arisen since 2018, in which different actors coincided: the educational community, civil society, institutions, social organizations and academia, who sought to position the issue of malnutrition due to excess of Cartagena children, since this is a socially relevant public health problem, which has been progressively increasing, Derived from changes in eating patterns that have been imposed by the corporate diet of ultra-processed edible and drinkable products, over healthy eating and in accordance with culture and tradition.

Thus, since 2020 its design begins and since 2021 the entire harmonization process is underway, complying with Decree 1070 of September 30, 2021 of the Mayor’s Office of Cartagena de Indias DT y C., where the guidelines of the Cycle of Public Policies of the District of Cartagena de Indias DT and C. are established, guided by the Secretary of District Planning.

Finally, it is important to highlight that, despite the difficult circumstances imposed by the pandemic, the efforts made have paid off, in terms of having a participatory, transparent, constitutional and convenient process, which will leave an iconic Public Policy in the country for the holistic approach that it makes of food in school environments, thus contributing to the full scope of the Rights and a dignified life of girls, boys and adolescents in Cartagena, understanding that the problem of malnutrition is a matter of life that cannot be postponed.

Approve public policy to promote Healthy Eating School Environments