Ascoli, visual screening for children aged 0 to 3 is underway

ASCOLI PICENO – Visual screening by some specialists to ensure eye health starting from the smallest. This is the project that will start in Ascoli Piceno for the early diagnosis of amblyopia, which sees the synergy between the municipal administration and the third sector bodies of the territory.

The initiative entitled “See you at the nest” is promoted by the Councilorship for Social Services of the Municipality, co-financed by the Host Lions Club of Ascoli Piceno and managed by Officina dei Sensi, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Virtus Coop nursery schools and is part of the programming of the national AMGO project. The goal is to prevent and promote the health of the population, starting with the youngest.

The target by Meet Me at the Nest

«An important activity in the name of prevention, carried out together with local associations. The choice of nursery schools is significant, because in this way attention is focused on the little ones and their health» said the mayor Marco Fioravanti.

Also present at the press conferenceCouncilor for Social Services, Massimiliano Brugni: «The little ones will undergo binocular autorefractorometry, using an instrument capable of identifying hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia. The result, interpreted and evaluated by an orthoptist, will trigger the indication for a complete eye examination necessary to then make a more in-depth diagnosis”.

How screening will work

The screening will be carried out thanks to the use of a machine similar to a camera: «The examination is non-invasive and lasts a few moments, it is a sort of photograph thanks to which it will be possible to carry out the early diagnosis of amblyopia. The expected visit times are approximately 15 minutes per child» as explained by the Lions Club Host.

«It is important to remember how much the vision prevention is essential in the first years of life, a key period for a harmonious development of the visual function» underlined Chiara Mastantuono, coordinator of the rehabilitation service of the Officina dei Sensi. «A visual defect or a neuro-visual disease if not diagnosed and rehabilitated in time can cause significant damage to the visual system and to the global development of the child. It is also essential to spread the culture of early assessment of visual functions, standardizing the assessment method, to be extended up to the pre-school age. The project, in addition to promoting a preventive mapping of any visual deficits, aims to help facilitate the collection and sharing of data to be analyzed and visual assessments».

The Italian Union of the Blind is part of Officina dei Sensi and the screenings promoted by Iapb and Amgo. As explained by Gigliola Chiappini, Uici president of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo: «Prevention from 0 to three years means prevention throughout the school career, also allowing better access to culture. Through these screenings it is possible to discover disorders that would only come to light during the first years of school: by intervening immediately one can give a big hand to rehabilitation”.

Project associations

The associations promoting this project are the Officina dei Sensi and the Virtus Coop.

«This project is an excellent example of synergy between the administration and the local third sector entities. The municipal administration of Ascoli Piceno has the ability to create fertile ground for the development of initiatives and to create a network between the social actors of our territory. He has always shown particular attention to children and the most fragile people» explained Mirco Fava of the Officina dei Sensi.

Screening will start in November. As Stefano Rosa de la Virtus Coop explained: «In addition to the normal educational and pedagogical activity, in order to increasingly build and strengthen an educational community that is able to network for the psycho-physical well-being of our children, it is essential to collaborate with all the realities of our territory to propose projects that are also able to act on the side of prevention”.

Ascoli, visual screening for children aged 0 to 3 is underway – CentroPagina