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Meet back-to-school players, for whom September is also a return to activity.

Tempo fortissimo for Jean-Yves Chir, director of the music school of the Cœur de Loire territory, who must write the score for the start of the school year.“The busiest time of the year”, according to Jean-Yves Chir, director of the Cœur de Loire music school. (Photo Le Régional de Cosne et du Charitois editor)

What does back-to-school mean to you?
This is arguably the busiest time of the year. An intense moment after a few weeks of total cut. The class cards are redistributed. An implementation puzzle including the availability of teachers, students, parents, trying to offer the most accurate schedules for everyone. If the score is well orchestrated, the year poses no difficulties.

What are the main projects?
We will be able to give our winter concert on December 11 in the village hall of Cours, with the orchestral suite of Carmen on the program. We had been forced to cancel it in 2021 due to Covid cases in the group.
A partnership is planned with the 47.2 association for the setting to music of a silent film with teachers and students. Another project, a musical tale with the students of the Pierre-et-Marie-Curie school.

What has changed in the profession? How did you adapt?
We are on a public unfortunately follower of the “zappette”, which quickly changes desire. It is difficult to retain the youngest, whereas 20 years ago, there was more involvement in musical learning which is defined in the long term. It is therefore necessary to work on motivation, by insisting on collective practice, by creating ensembles, children’s choirs.

What values ​​do you promote?
Respect for others. We must learn to respect each other with our strengths and weaknesses. Sharing is also important in a group that is building something.

Reunion with young people, at US La Charité judo

Alain Mirabello is living his 19th comeback as a sports educator at the judo club of La Charité-sur-Loire. A moment of reunion with the young people they accompany.For Alain Mirabello, the start of the new school year is a time of resumption of the transmission of essential values. (Illustration photo: The Regional of Cosne and Charitois archives)

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What does back-to-school mean to you?
Back to school is to find all those young people who discovered judo last year or years ago. Seeing young people who have been accompanied for years towards values ​​that we try to transmit to them in order to build themselves. It’s a very pleasant moment.

What are your main projects?
The objective of this looming year is to revitalize the club after two years of pandemic which have done a lot of harm. I know that we can count on a dynamic office to remake the dojo, dead in recent years, into a living space. If we receive the support of the Federation and the State, we want to recreate a sound and light show of judo with the young licensees. Resuming interclub tournaments is also a goal. And of course, reconnecting with the tradition of events to reward passing grades, a moment of recognition for child labor.

What has changed in your profession? How did you adapt?
I started to be a sports educator when I was 24 years old. I have 53 today. We evolve with experience, time and results. I learned that on the whole of a group, there must be a leader who creates emulation. You have to be in constant questioning to adapt to all the students who are all different.

What values ​​do you promote?
We rely heavily on the eight basic values ​​of judo: modesty, politeness, sincerity, friendship, self-control, courage, respect and honor. It is a moral code. Thanks to these values, we learn who we are, we are less tempted by the negative, we are more serene.

Bitry Leisure Club: “A continuity”

At the Bitry Leisure Club, in Puisaye Nivernaise, which does not close during the summer, the start of the school year still has a certain flavor. Having succeeded Allain Saison just a year ago as president of this seniors’ club, Hélène Ducrocq sees the importance of it in maintaining social ties twelve months out of twelve.blankIf the club for bitryat seniors does not close in the summer, it is ready to return to a denser rhythm of activities. (Illustration photo: Club cde loisirs)

What does back-to-school mean to you?
The club does not close during the summer, we had appointments every 15 days and even a meal in July. So back to school is not an event, it’s a continuity. But it is true that all the events, dancing teas, meals, lottos and the pastry and sewing workshops will restart.

What’s new for you and how are you adapting to it?
The public has changed since the Covid, which put a big brake. Everything had closed. On the other hand, the club had restarted well in September 2021. We have about sixty members coming mainly from around Bitry. It’s a club of older people, there was reluctance vis-à-vis the reunion. There, we return to the same normal as before the Covid, people are happy to meet again, without effusions. There are always the same reservations but it’s cooler.

What are your projects ?
The program is established one year in advance. We will try to follow it in 2022-2023 as generally, there may be small hazards. On September 20 we will have a meal and on October 9, the first of our five balls.

What values ​​do you promote?
Conviviality above all, respect for others. Clubs are made for that, to find each other. Our pastry and sewing activities are more targeted, to try to integrate as many people as possible according to their affinities. The main thing is the meeting.

Théâtre du Bonimenteur: the emulation of getting back on the boards

Katell Desnos, actress and artistic director of the Théâtre du Bonimenteur, at La Charité-sur-Loire has drawn up an ambitious program for 2022-2023.blank“La panne”, by Dürrenmatt, with Olivier Broda in particular, was rescheduled for Saturday, September 17. (Photo from the Regional of Cosne and Charitois archives)

What is back to school for you?
Back to school is again and for an entire season, a new theatrical and cultural adventure. Find our public, our professional companies that perform at Bonimenteur, our students.

What are your projects ?
Finally reschedule the shows that could not take place due to the pandemic, as well as other shows. Collaborate with the Bertranges School of Music, Dance and Theater by giving teenage courses leading to a show. To finally be able to host theatrical residencies for their future creations. Continue to give adult theater workshops. Intervene with our adult students by putting on a reading on Women’s Day in libraries and other places in La Charité-sur-Loire and the community of communes Les Bertranges. Readings open to the public will take place throughout the season and a commedia dell’arte course. And then the creation of a professional show with my team of actresses and technicians.

What has changed in your profession? How did you adapt?
We adapted to the pandemic because we closed for a year and a half, we weren’t allowed to offer culture! Fortunately for us, we are not impacted by the decline in public attendance, as unfortunately in the largest structures or cinemas.

What values ​​do you promote?
The Théâtre du Bonimenteur is a living space to welcome our audience heartily, in a warm spirit, a cocoon. To live surprising experiences, provoke reflection, surprise, amaze. The theater is there to entertain, shake up, pin down society, send mirrors to everyone, stimulate minds, tell imaginary or life stories…

Interview by Frédéric Dumaillet, Félix Paulet, Florent Maupas and Cyril Vailly

Associations and professions – At La Charité, Cosne, Bitry… they too are making their comeback