At the “Compagna” the Medicine department is an art gallery … thanks to the students |

CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – For some years now, thanks also to the happy intuition of some operators of the national health system, the socio-health environments should no longer be understood only as a function of the treatment of diseases but must be able to connect the requests for humanization with the complex of information and knowledge gained in the field of scientific research conducted in different disciplinary fields united by the interest in improving the conditions of patients and staff through the design of care environments (medicine, environmental psychology, ergonomics, proxemics , sociology, hospital hygiene).

In particular, in the case of socio-health environments, it is believed that the psycho-social characteristics of the spaces can have effects both on patients – in terms of improvement of the clinical outcomes of the disease and safety conditions – and on the staff – in terms of performance improvement – and also reflect on the effectiveness and quality of care.

Reducing stressful conditions and situations by increasing the environmental quality perceived by users has become a need. A concrete case in this direction is the really interesting initiative that is being carried out at the Corigliano Department of Internal Medicine of the Spoke Corigliano-Rossano, thanks to the happy intuition of its head physician, Dr. Luigi Muraca.

Not only that, the manager Muraca was able to create a sort of “art gallery” within the Department, thanks to the active collaboration of the manager of the Polo Liceale di Rossano, Antonio Pistoia. Thus a memorandum of understanding called “Ars Terapeia-Service learning” was signed, through which the pupils of the high school complex have created works that are now on display in the department.

“The pedagogical proposal of Service Learning – explains Dr. Muraca – is not limited to promoting greater knowledge of the aspects that distinguish citizenship skills, but asks students to carry out concrete actions in solidarity with the community in which they operate. and through this type of experience, which integrates learning and service, students internalize values ​​such as justice, legality, equality, respect and care for the environment ».

It should be added that the Rossano High School has joined enthusiastically as this school is in the network of the Movimento Avanguardie Educative, a research-action project born from the autonomous initiative called “Indire”, and in order to encourage, promote and advertise the talent of its students and to test, in real contexts, the skills and competences foreseen by their school curriculum.

This new collaboration is the continuation of a previous project implemented in the 2018-2019 school year. «All this – explains the manager professor Pistoia – is part of the Path for transversal skills and orientation, the former school-work alternation project. Which so far has made it possible to create in the waiting room and partly in the Internal Medicine department of the hospital of Corigliano, the installation of pictorial and sculptural works created by the pupils participating in the curricular activity of serve learning called “ars terapeia” . But the great satisfaction of Doctor Muraca and Professor Pistoia concerns the important national “window” that this initiative, together with other initiatives launched by the Polo, have been carved out within the Innovation Library and the online environment developed by Indire , in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, for the creation, sharing and dissemination of ideas and resources functional to the renewal of the “traditional” school model.

«The basic idea – explains the manager of Pistoia – is in fact that of making teachers, school managers and staff protagonists of the growth and transformation of the education system. The Library therefore wants to be a place of inspiration and “creative contamination”, where all the actors of the school can use, contextualize, transfer and in turn re-propose contents, experiences and resources ».

This is why the collaboration between hospital and school has attracted the attention of the national platform of the Ministry of Education.

At the “Compagna” the Medicine department is an art gallery … thanks to the students |