Aurillac: a new alternative delivery method is developing

Élise Burgain on her extended longtail bike and trailer that can carry up to 200 kg. (©MB)

Cycl’of course is a new delivery service between professionals that promises to relieve congestion on the streets of the city. The ambition of its founder Elise Burgain is to enable professionals to participate in the decongestion of the streets of Aurillac, to save money and improve the living conditions of local residents, while maintaining a secure and quality delivery service.

An alternative to trucks

If cyclology is a trend observed in all the big cities of France, it is still underdeveloped in medium-sized cities but some Aurillac companies could soon join this new opportunity. zero pollutioneconomical, fast and flexible.

The advantages of bicycle delivery are multiple: “reduce urban traffic by 20%, free up 30% of the road occupied by trucks and vans, deliver 60% faster, not to mention the environmental and social impacts for workers, residents and tourists. A company that will prefer delivery by bicycle (up to 200 kg of goods per trip), including will win on all counts “.

“Do everything by bike”

Élise Burgain, a former hospital psychologist and cycling enthusiast, had long lamented the congestion in Aurillac due to delivery trucks, bringing pollution and nuisance to its residents. ” I’ve always had an aversion to cars. 3 years ago, I acquired a longtail (extended bike) and I realized that I could do absolutely everything by bike: pick up my 4 children from school, do my shopping, going on a family trip… And when I saw all these trucks paralyzing the city center, I thought to myself that something else was surely possible and that for that I could create a micro-enterprise of bicycle transport myself”.

Create employment

The Covid crisis having passed through there, his project was stopped dead. “Coming out of Covid, I felt ready to get started, but I still had some concerns about the feasibility of the solo project. If I really wanted to propose efficient and effective service it had to be two. I then met Pierre Mousty, sustainable mobility advisor to companies thanks to Biocoop (my first client) and the Vélo Cité 15 association”.
Élise and Pierre begin by setting up a collaboration around cyclology and then aim to create jobs.

Delivery, waste collection,…

“If all goes well, we will set up a SCIC (cooperative society of collective interest) around the actors of the bicycle with the desire to create employment which will by definition not be relocated. And since everyone knows how to ride a bike, we will be in an inclusive recruitment process”.

Cycl’of Course offers a delivery service, collection of recyclable waste and courier service to companies in and around the Géraldienne city, often faster, certainly more social, more ecological and less expensive. There is no doubt that this eco-responsible trend for a alternative to city delivery trucks will be on the right track.

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Mary Boudon

Cycl’of course – Élise Burgain and Pierre Mousty – 06 85 27 80 28 – [email protected]

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Aurillac: a new alternative delivery method is developing