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With the inauguration, today, November 23, at the Faenza hospital of the first ‘Walls of dolls – the Wall of Dolls’ come alive in Romagna the H-Open Week against violence against women, promoted by the Local Health Authority together with Institutions, Organizations, Anti-Violence Centres, Local Associations and the Onda Foundation. TO Cesena, Forlì, Rimini and Ravenna, the symbolic installation of steel nets to represent the professional and inter-institutional network of the Services and the nodes that compose them, set up with information material and rag dolls victims of violence, will be inaugurated on Friday 25 November. Awareness-raising initiatives aimed at citizens on the issue of gender-based violence continue until 26 November throughout the territory. Many events took place this morning in Faenza against violence against women and to represent the important network of protection and support services operating in the area. From 9 am we started in the hospital with the inauguration of the art exhibition “Violence against women in abstract” created by the students of the Liceo Artistico “Ballardini – Torricelli of Faenza”.

The beautiful conceptual and abstract works, which emerged from the students after a reflection started together with the teachers on the theme of violence, depict distressing moods, feelings of denunciation and solidarity and full and mature awareness of the subject matter. Also in the early morning, the inauguration of the “Wall of Dolls” took place linked to the “‘WALL OF DOLLS’ initiative, promoted by Ausl Romagna and, subsequently at 10, in the Aula Magna of the Diocesan Seminary, the initiative aimed at citizens, “The process of taking charge of the woman victim of violence in the ED: simulated case” where through the presence of all the actors of the hospital-territory services network involved in taking charge of the woman who has suffered violence , a simulation of his journey was represented, from access to the Ps to the complaint and the protective measures implemented against the woman and her children. The path and the network of services present in the area were represented by the operators of the Emergency Department, Gynecology, Pediatrics of the Faenza hospital, the SOS Women’s Anti-Violence Center, representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, State Police, Municipal Police, Carabinieri, Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters and Social Services. Subsequently, the video created by the operators of the Faenza Emergency Department was launched, now also present on the Ausl Romagna website, which aims to show what happens when the service network takes charge.

In addition to the professionals, the director of the hospital and the Nursing Service, the councilor for the budget and public works of the Municipality of Faenza was present at the events.


In Ravenna, the Wall of Dolls will be inaugurated at 10 in the Aula Pavoni on the seventh floor of the DEA of the hospital. Two inaugural moments are scheduled in Cesena: at 12.00 in Piazza del Duomo, and at 1.30 pm in the Atrium of the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena. In Forlì the inauguration is scheduled for 10 am at the entrance to the Morgagni Pavilion, while in Rimini the appointment is at 2 pm in the DEA Monoblock Connection Gallery, on the sorting floor of the Infermi hospital. The authorities of the interinstitutional table for the fight against violence and of the anti-violence center, company professionals and sponsors of the company project will take part in the inaugurations.


In Faenza, until 26 November, the art exhibition “Violence against women in abstract” created by the Liceo Artistico “Ballardini – Torricelli di Faenza” will be set up in the hospital, while on Friday 25 November from 10 to 13 at the Casa della Salute “La Filanda” an information booth will be set up while the #IodicoNOalSilenzio initiative will take place from 5pm! Narrative readings with psychological experts in the training room of the family counseling center on the 1st floor of CC La Filanda. The initiative will take place in Lugo on Thursday 24 November at 5 pm in the meeting room of pavilion C of the hospital #I say NO to Silence! Narrative readings with psychological experts and an information booth will be set up in the atrium of pavilion A of the hospital from 10 to 13.

in Ravenna, Saturday 26 November at 4 pm, in Aula Vanni of the CMP, together with the Consultorio Familiare, the initiative #I say NO to Silence!, narrative readings with experts and psychologists.

In Forlì until 26 November exhibition in the emergency room of thoughts elaborated by the students of the second grade schools of Forlì and Cesena who have been participating for years in “In-vulnerabili”, an awareness project aimed at schools on the theme of violence. The project, with the aim of primary prevention of the phenomenon of violence and active for years now, sees the commitment of professionals from the Forlì hospital in collaboration with the scholastic and artistic world (Theatrical Tailoring). On Saturday 26 November, the Refectory Hall of the San Domenico Museums will host the Forlì-Cesena provincial conference aimed at the actors of the anti-violence network “Reception and taking charge of women who suffer violence within the AUSL of Romagna: the role of the hospital and the connection with the territorial network”. The event will involve hospital health professionals, family consultants, LDV centres, law enforcement agencies, university and school representatives.

In Rimini Friday 25 November a red bench will be set up at the entrance to the emergency room and information material will be distributed to all those who go to the emergency room on “WELL FARE: Network for Women, “Dafne Project against violence against women”, “Let’s get rid of violence”, “Break the silence Anti-violence centers”.

In Riccione Thursday 24 November from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, an Emergency Department doctor will be present at the Family Advice Centre. On Friday 25 November a bench at the entrance to the Ceccarini Hospital will be set up in red and information material on the WELL FARE project will be distributed to all those who present themselves in the Emergency Room: a network for women “Dafne Project against violence against women”, ” Let us free ourselves from violence”, “Break the silence Anti-violence centres”.

Ausl Romagna


On 25 November, on the occasion of the World Day to combat violence against women, a first significant phase of the WELL-FARE fundraising project “Network for Women” takes shape, aimed at improving the care and reception environments of women victims of violence and minors who turn to the emergency rooms of the hospitals of the Local Health Authority of Romagna with the aim of guaranteeing adequate spaces and quality of health and psychological assistance. The goal is the humanization of care, also through the involvement of the ArtinCounselling Association project partner, which will take care of welcoming and assisting minor children, introducing their own set of skills, while the woman carries out her diagnostic process. The project involves the permanent installation inside the Bollini Rosa Hospitals of Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì, Cesena and Faenza of a symbolic wire mesh that houses the rag dolls that can be adopted through a donation, with the aim of supporting the cause , to then be hung on the awareness network (Wall of the dolls). For those who wish, there is also the possibility of personalizing the donation by assigning a name to the doll or by leaving a personal phrase in the collection book hanging on the net.

The Well-fare Network for women fundraising project is promoted by Ausl Romagna with the involvement, to date, of the following institutions, associations and businesses in the area: Municipality of Cesena, Municipality of Faenza, Municipality of Cervia, Zoli Foundation, Fondazione Onda, APS ArtinCounselling Association, ALICE Ravenna Association, CNA – Forlì – Cesena – Ravenna, Federmoda, Ricuciamo Association of Faenza, Territorial anti-violence centres, Techne for paper and iron laboratories: hands-free project – other hands project, Agora of Rimini, Cavarei Impresa Sociale, Formula Servizi, Ford Ferri Cesena, Dorelan, Fondazione Zoli Forlì, BCC Ravenna Forlì and Imola.

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