Bella Ma ‘, today Monday 12 September on Rai 2. New talent, all the competitors

It is the first talent dedicated to the word. Start today, Monday 12 Septemberat 15.15 on Rai 2. Is titled BellaMa ‘ and is led by Pierluigi Diaco. The program – explains the Rai – compares two apparently very distant generations, but united by contemporary languages ​​and tools such as i social network. The protagonists are 20 competitors and 30 opinion leaders, equally divided between Z (18-25 years) and Boomer (55-90 years). The cast was selected with the help of Rai Casting and to the auditions told in the daily strip “Waiting for BellaMa ‘”. From Monday, every day, in the studies Dear Fabrizio Frizzi of the Raia competitor Z and a Boomer will compete in three rounds: a cultural quiz based on three tests, guessing the identity of a famous person, a historical fact and a word of the Italian language, the creation of a guest presentation reel of the day (a reference character from the Boomer or Z world) and a video introducing the current topic that will be debated in the studio.

Today 12 September, for example, in the arena of BellaMa ‘ we will discuss the provocative question: “What is school for?”. Each time, a significant personal story or an expert will help the audience to fathom the topic as thoroughly as possible. The home audience will be able to vote on the social channels of Rai 2 the favorite competitor of the day and May 4 will be elected on winner of the season. The cast also includes a band of very young boys who will start playing together on the occasion of the program: until May 4th their new life as a band will be told in a sort of small docu-reality show. The format, conceived and produced entirely by Raisees every sector of the company involved in its implementation: the Day Time gender management led by Simona SalaRai Casting, RaiCom, Rai Play and the Production Center. BellaMa ‘ is a program of Pierluigi Diaco, Maurizio Gianotti, Filippo Mauceri And Andrea Amatowritten with Lucia Rossettiwith the collaboration of Paola Rosminiedited by Sabina Ceresaniproduced by Monica Floresunder the supervision of Daniele Cerioni and directed by Perfect Savior.

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Below, starting with the young people, the competitors who will take part in the program.
Alessio Lo Monaco, 22 years old from Albano Laziale: he left the university to work as a worker, to help his family. He is fond of poetry.
Antony Di Francesco, 24 years old from Rome. Create comic content on Tik Tok and YouTube.
Armando Perrone, 24 years old from Avellino. Digital communication consultant and founder of innovative start-ups.
Diego Pasquali, 22 years old from Latina. Artistic director of night clubs.
Federica Russo, 20 years old from Asti. Biotechnology student in Viterbo.
Francesca Marchegiani, 23 years old from Fano. A college student, she became popular on her social media by sharing her experience with diabetes.
Maria Laura Marullo, 19 years old from Naples. Psychology major, songwriter, she has a very popular Twitch channel.
Matteo Terelle, 22 years old from Velletri. School canteen driver and children’s roller hockey coach.
Rosa Sorrentino, 19 of Gragnano. New graduate, model, she was Miss Princess of Europe.
Stella Flammini, 19 years old from Rome. She recently graduated, she is passionate about music.

Boomer competitors
Angela Palmieri, 59 years old from Rome. Mother of a 23-year-old son, a catechist, she helps out-of-home student priests in Rome.
Cinzia Tabacco, 55 years old from Trieste. Life coach and mindfulness expert.
Elettra Valentini, 58 years of Neptune. He has a cooking blog, four children and five grandchildren. The children live between Spain and China.
Enzo Saturni, 64 years old from Rome. Actor of theater, TV and cinema
Giampiero Coletti, 63 years old from Rome. Corporate trainer, now retired.
Lucia Silvestri, 56 years old from Rome. She is a widow, she has two children aged 26 and 24, curator of exhibitions.
Maria Serena Anderlini, 67 years old from Turin. PhD from the University of California, she is an expert in the arts of love.
Marisa Blasi, 72 years old from Rome. Former ground hostess at Fiumicino airport.
Nadia La Bella, 56 years old from Rome. Fashion blogger, she has a 28-year-old son. Her motto is: it’s never too late to start.
Raffaella Ruzzini, 69 years old from Rome. It sells advertising space.

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Bella Ma ‘, today Monday 12 September on Rai 2. New talent, all the competitors