Berni delivered 12 patrol cars 0 kilometers in Chacabuco

This morning, andhe municipal mayor of Chacabuco, Víctor Aiola gave a press conference together with the Minister of Security of the Province, Sergio Berni, for the delivery of 12 new patrol boats 0 kilometers which will be destined for Local police station, Women’s Police Station and localities of the Party.

Thus, the new units are added to the already four mobiles for the Rural Patrol Command (CPR) that were received in November of last year.

Within this framework, Mayor Aiola highlighted “these are new units that come to fulfill a very important function for the Chacabuco Party. I thank the Minister, and the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, for being present and close to the Municipalities We have been managing and we have worked very well”.

For his part, Security Minister Sergio Berniexpressed: “What we are doing today is fulfilling a commitment that the Governor assumed and that has to do with making profound transformations in the province of Buenos Aires, because the police are a fundamental link not only in prevention, but also in resolution of crimes”, and added “The Buenos Aires police problem is a structural complex that has been deteriorating year after year, which is why the Governor decided to come up with fundamental solutions.”

fleet renewal

Berni stressed that one of the main challenges of this management is to renew the patrol fleet, both rural and urban. “More than half of the vehicles could not patrol properly because they were in deplorable conditions,” and he assured that “there are no provincial precedents where such a large renovation has been carried out. Today we are materializing that commitment”.

A) Yes, The Minister stated that “for us, the Interior is as important as the Buenos Aires suburbs, that is why today Chacabuco renewed the entire police fleet.”

Berni in Chacabuco

staff deficiency

On the other hand, Berni affirmed that currently “the Buenos Aires police need to incorporate more than double the number of personnel it has and increase operational capacity”, and confirmed that it will continueThey are working to continue recruiting men and women to join the police force. Thus, he stressed that the great criticism they had was the back salaries, but that this was another commitment assumed and exceeded. “Today we equate the salaries of the Buenos Aires police with the federal one and we recovered the 20% that had been lost in the previous administration.”

Lastly, the Minister affirmed that the problem of security in society is multidisciplinary and goes beyond the police. And he assured that it is a dynamic construction where many actors have responsibility. “Security begins at home with the incorporation of values ​​and education”, He said and expressed: “We know that exclusion and marginality are synonymous with increased crime, which is why we work intensively with the mayors on security plans for social containment in those neighborhoods where criminal vulnerability is quite high.”

Thus, Berni culminated “Those who believe that security can be combated by putting in one more police officer or patrolman, is because they look at the problem through a lock”.

Municipal officials, councilors, school counselors and police authorities were present during the delivery.

Berni delivered 12 patrol cars 0 kilometers in Chacabuco