Busto and the prison, the initiatives restart. Inmates will whitewash Palazzo Cicogna

BUSTO ARSIZIO – The prison “goes out” outside and meets the city. By restarting the initiatives that had been put on standby by the pandemic: Telephone Amico, prison theater and public utility works, with the inmates who will whitewash the walls of Palazzo Cicogna in Busto Arsizio. «They are three projects that involve prisoners in different ways – he defines them the councilor for social inclusion Paola Reguzzoni – to bring about concrete improvements in the lives of imprisoned people and in that of their families», as part of a path towards the institutionalization of «a permanent table to coordinate interventions in support of the Prison”.

A network after prison

Paola Reguzzoni recently visited the prison and started a new season of relations between the prison and the Municipality where it is based with the new regulation of the guarantor of prisoners. “Most of the boys, often very young, are repeat offenders – underlines the Northern League councilor – we set ourselves the goal of preventing this damage to society, with a series of interventions to establish a network that supports and directs the prisoner upon release in order to prevent him from falling into the context that led him to commit a crime”.

Public utility works

A new opportunity is that, now permitted by the regulations, of “exceptionally working outside the prison institute – as explained by the prison director Horace Sorrentini – even without being properly admitted to outside work, which is an alternative form to detention”. There will be five inmates of the Busto prison who, on the initiative of the Intrecci cooperative and guided by an Enaip master of art, will carry out an intervention agreed with the Municipality for the cleaning and whitewashing of the ground floor of Palazzo Cicogna. «Deliberately in a place of culture, to spread the culture of respect but also of the second chance» reveals the councilor Reguzzoni. «An important action from a social point of view and of giving back to the community» he defines it John Formigoniwhich coordinates the projects to fight marginalization in Busto Arsizio for Intrecci, a cooperative that brings the figure of the network agent in prison to support the social reintegration of prisoners.

Friend Phone

The first news is the helpline service, “aimed primarily – underlines Sorrentini – to subjects without emotional references in the area who do not carry out visual interviews or telephone calls”. Organized by the Telephone Amico ODV-Center of Busto Arsizio association, the project “A friendly voice listening” aims to “offer prisoners an opportunity for dialogue and discussion with the outside world, anonymously and confidentially, making available the skills of the listening service”. As of this month, January 2023, every Monday morning a group of volunteers will carry out 30-minute telephone interviews «not only to prevent suicides – he underlines Marie Antoinette Ferrariopresident of Telefono Amico ODV – but to create trust in such a way that prisoners can open up and release their emotions to find a certain positivity in their thoughts and ideas to restart from their own situation. To smooth out the aspects of discomfort in the face of situations of anger, disappointment and depression”. As he points out Valentina Settineri, head of the treatment area in via per Cassano, “anonymity can give prisoners the opportunity to open up”.

Theater in prison

Finally, finally after a two-year stop, there will be the debut of the theater in prison with the initiatives of theL’Oblò associationwho “for almost 15 years has been involved in theater and drama therapy with inmates”, as he explains Sara Terlizzi. After the first murder mystery dinner scheduled on Jan. 20, crimes were scheduled events «of exchange and artistic bridge between inside and outside» for International Theater Day: March 24th dinner with murder in prisonon 25 March a conference at the Sant’Anna theater on theater in prison as a tool for re-education, followed by theater workshops and performances “Pinocchio”, written and created by Elisa Carnelli with the actors of the district house and staged by the Bollate prison company.

Councilor’s appeal

There are currently 375 prisoners housed in via per Cassano. For the deputy commander of the prison police Giuseppe Di Girolamo “The situation is improving but these interventions are a substantial help for all of us”. Efforts that Busto would like share, even economically, with neighboring cities: “We are here and we also appeal to their responsibility – the invitation reiterated by Reguzzoni – because the prison is based in Busto Arsizio but does not only house citizens of Busto”. City where, as he points out the director of the prison Orazio Sorrentini, «there has never been a lack of attention from local administrations. But there is an excellent precedent in the field of works of public utility also in Gorla Maggiorewith the whitewashing of the interior of a school building, in 2018».

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Busto and the prison, the initiatives restart. Inmates will whitewash Palazzo Cicogna – MALPENSA24