Campidoglio, ok Assembly on contributions and rules for sports facilities

Session dedicated to the Capitoline sports facilities, the one held by the Capitoline Assembly in the examination of two resolutions, approved unanimously, with which 300 thousand euros of non-repayable contributions are disbursed to the managers of the departmental and municipal sports facilities owned by Rome Capital. During the session, articles 4, 6, 11 and 18 of act 41 of 2018 were also amended, which regulate the grassroots sports world of the city of Rome “recognizing its relevant social, educational, cultural and training role”. The Councilor for Capitoline Sport Honored Alexanderwho spoke in the Chamber, explained the contribution in favor of structures “heavily affected by the negative economic situation, which forced closure during the pandemic was followed by the energy crisis with high bills”.


A commitment of 300,000 euros in all, to be divided among the concessionaires who will respond to the tender that will be published in a few days by the Sport Department”. The councilor of the civic list Gualtieri George Trabucco, a member of the Sports commission explained that the contribution “will be distributed proportionally and for a maximum ceiling of 90% of the fee”, taking into account “certain parameters, such as the amount of the fee, the square meters of space dedicated to sporting activities and the presence or absence of swimming pools”. Finally, with the changes introduced to resolution 41/2018, “a more detailed definition of the areas in which the School Sports Observatory operates is envisaged, as a place for discussion between the administration and the sports players present in the area – explained the president of the Capitoline Sport commission Nando Bonessio -. It allows for a more uniform interpretation and application throughout the capital by the directors of the municipal socio-educational services, with the clear specification that the fees for the use of the school gymnasium time slots will not be due for the periods of suspension of the ‘school teaching activity and in all those unforeseen and unpredictable cases involving the closure or unavailability of school sports facilities’. The Capitoline Assembly, in exceptional and unforeseeable cases, he underlined Bonessius “will be able to extend and standardize the deadlines for the assignment of school sports structures for the entire territory of Rome, determining the period. Lastly, the importance of spreading sporting practice and culture among the younger generations is recognized which, due to the pandemic and the current economic and financial crisis, has suffered a sudden setback, recording a drastic drop in enrollments in sports activities and recreational play”. “I also hope that as soon as possible the proposal that provides for a 90% reduction in the fees for the months January-March 2022 relating to the rights to use school sports facilities due by the sports associations entrusted with the Municipal Sports Centers will arrive in the Chamber – is the hope of Bonessius -. Despite the approval in last week’s joint meeting, it was not possible to discuss the provision today because we await the opinions of the Municipalities” concludes the president of the Sport commission.

Campidoglio, ok Assembly on contributions and rules for sports facilities –