Catania and its visible decline. Analysis of the present and opportunities for rebirth ”Elections. The document

With a document addressed to all the political forces involved in the regional and national electoral race, the CGIL of Catania summarizes some priorities necessary for the relaunch of the city, launching “a first request to listen to all candidates”.

To sign the note that sees as the first signatory the general secretary of the CGIL of Catania, Carmelo De Caudo, and which refers to a Catania that “for too many years has been waiting to be brought back to the best of its ability”, and that “in the waiting that this happens comes to terms with an inexorable deterioration in the quality of life: it is dirty, chaotic, dark and with an ever-increasing poverty index “, until now it has been Anpi, Arci, AUSER, Federconsumatori, LegaCoop, Memoria and Futuro , Middle Student Network, Sunia, Udi and UDU.

Until the day before the elections, however, new adhesions from other economic and social actors in the city will be welcome.

The idea of ​​drafting the document entitled “Catania and its visible decline. Analysis of the present and opportunity for rebirth ”, responds to a need for a real rebirth, also in view of the use of PNRR funds“ which – the note reads – puts us all in a position of historical responsibility ”.

The document, the first part of which proposes an analysis and which ends with some proposals, reiterates in fact that “the first requests for funding with PNRR funds made by the Municipality of Catania do not look at real needs”.

“The economic and social emergencies concern policies on work, industry, welfare, health, education, the suburbs, housing, the environment, mobility, safety. – we read in the document of four folders that can be consulted in full on the CGIL website – These are fundamental macro-sectors and often the approach of the institutions towards them has chosen the quickest ways without making an effort to build a short and medium-term strategy “.

The CGIL and the social forces that signed the document, underline the importance of legality policies, pointing out the need to introduce the fight against the mafia and the supervision of the contract system in the programs and in particular ask for more attention to the working sectors that in these post-pandemic months and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, they resort to illegal work and the application of some pirate contracts; a reality that has spread in a worrying way ”, especially in the tertiary sector, in commerce and tourism.

According to the CGIL and the associations, it would be fundamental to make nursery schools accessible from December to early June, and not from December as has been the case for years; but also to implement “once and for all a local medicine, which in Catania continues to be a great absentee; it would be especially useful for women, the frail, the disabled and the elderly. We believe that a strengthening of the consultants is needed, even assuming the use of PNRR funding. The territorial assistance centers (PTAs) are essential because they represent the concrete possibility of accessing treatment without going through the emergency room and without emptying the latter “.

The CGIL of Catania and the associations that signed the document, hope for “a true Pact, and certainly not one-way, with the Sicilian Region” that aims to solve the educational emergency, given that as many as 18,000 children aged 12 to 16 they did not go to school: “we refer to 22% of our very young people. We also ask the new aspiring administrators to report on their policies on school buildings ”.

The union asks future parliamentarians, once again, for new hires in city schools.

The relaunch of local tourism, of the Port as a new strategic asset, of the Industrial Zone that has been left to its fate for too long, the need to enhance the Fontanarossa airport in an international and trade perspective and to cope with the increase in costs energy, are considered fundamental aspects for the revitalization of the city.

And finally – not in order of importance – trade unions and associations ask not to miss the opportunities related to the projects of St Microelectronics and 3SUN, companies are about to start important investments: “Soon we will understand how these choices will also impact on the related and therefore with new opportunities for development and work. Also on this point the comparison with those who are candidates to govern the Sicilian Region and to sit in Parliament is necessary ”.

The document ends with an appeal: “Catania, despite all its frailties, is still an economic and social center full of opportunities that are just waiting to be seized by those who govern but without the overall involvement of institutions, social partners, associations, his future risks being left hanging by a thread.

(…) For this reason, we believe that a real mobilization of those who spend themselves every day for others and for the common good with courage, passion and dedication can no longer be postponed ”.

The link to the full document

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Catania and its visible decline. Analysis of the present and opportunities for rebirth ”Elections. The document-appeal of the Catania CGIL addressed to all the political forces involved in the electoral race is ready. The first subscriptions arrived – Iene Sicule