Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers

The National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) announced at a press conference on November 23 the objectives and main activities of the Days against gender violence and for human rights, which take place every year between November 25 and November 10. december.

This edition has the objective of strengthening the capacities of social actors and civil society for the prevention and care of this other silent pandemic in local and school settings, which constitutes a social, health and human rights problem.

This was explained by the director of Cenesex, DraC. Mariela Castro Espín, who warned about the complexity of this problem, with multifactorial causes, which disproportionately affect women, girls and people with non-hegemonic sexualities. Likewise, she emphasized “all the elements that have to interact and also be articulated in political action. We have been able to verify the effectiveness of certain educational programs and interventions to address and prevent gender-based violence.”

The expert also made reference to the damage to health -both physical and mental-, not only of the victims, but also of the perpetrators by reproducing stereotypes, myths and patriarchal patterns, for which reason they must also join men in the spaces for awareness and education.

Commenting on daily situations of gender violence, he highlighted the importance of mass organizations, educators, and health professionals addressing this phenomenon in the community, since it does not constitute “an issue between husband and wife,” but rather one of public interest. , by affecting social and human development.

The board of directors, who presides over this space for scientific dialogue and social activism, recalled all the ground gained in terms of gender equality after the triumph of the Revolution with the leadership of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC): “Under the emancipatory paradigm of Socialism we managed to change the structural, but in the symbolic it requires another strategy, another type of action in an intersectoral way”, he said.

In addition, he mentioned the various laws and public policies approved in Cuba during the last five years, where the Constitution of the Republic stands out in 2019, the National Program for the Advancement of Women, as well as the Comprehensive Strategy for the prevention and care of gender violence and in the family scenario in 2021. “But, the laws must be accompanied by training and professional improvement in all sectors of Cuban society, especially in Education, Health, Justice, among others,” he specified.

The Dr.C. Ada Alfonso Rodríguez, coordinator of the Organizing Committee for these conferences, commented on the intense program of activities, which include various academic and community spaces. Among them, a Colloquium on transidentities, gender violence and human rights (November 29), as well as the Symposium dedicated to public policies and Cuban legislation on this matter (November 30 and December 1).

There are also courses, scheduled for December 5, such as “Counseling for the care of victims of violence. A space for listening, guidance and personal growth”, by DraC. Beatriz Torres Rodríguez and Dra.C Ivón Ernand Thames. For its part, DraC. Yoanka Rodney Rodríguez will provide lessons on the prevention of gender violence in the school setting.

From December 7 to 9, the V International Seminar on Dialogues on Human Rights will take place, coordinated by the Faculty of Law of the University of Havana. Meanwhile, on December 8, the launch of the contest “We have sexual rights and we want to live them in peace” will take place at the Rafael Carini Millán Junior High School.

With a call to generate creative messages and life stories that make the problem visible, the event ended, where students who will enter the University College of Journalism also participated, since the media play a key role in promoting equality: “For free local scenarios of gender violence”.

Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers