Consistent with the greatness of our sport

Photo: Roberto Morejon

We say goodbye to another year of efforts and results

we say goodbye another year characterized by the efforts of our colleagues from the base to the high performance structures, a sign of commitment to the privilege of giving continuity to a work resulting from the thought of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, who made sport a right of the people .

This was key to maintaining Inder’s vitality at all levels amid the well-known limitations faced by the country, closely linked to the increase in the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States, which in the last five years generated our sector damages amounting to about 15 million dollars, and more than 2 million only between August 2021 and February 2022.

This means that, in correspondence with the priority assigned by the state, athletes, technicians and workers in general multiplied their dedication to guarantee the sustainability of the most important processes that are gestated from the community, the culmination of a school year and the beginning of another, and the rescue of tasks born as part of the Battle of Ideas, such as the massification of chess and the improvement of volleyball and gymnastics schools. All without ignoring the need to postpone certain objectives and reduce the scope of others.

In this context, the more than 500 sports teams in the country left their mark, bastions in the mission of strengthening their activity that generates health, quality of life and well-being. Work was done on the quality of the Physical Education class, the monitoring of prospective students and the reference classrooms, as well as on complying as much as possible with the national calendar, hosting international events of recognized impact with organizational prominence, and in the actions inherent to our responsibility with the sports and Physical Education and recreation and use of free time projects.

Guantánamo deserved the central activities for the anniversary of Inder, mainly as an award for its outstanding work in times of covid-19. Pinar del Río was the headquarters of those dedicated to the Day of Physical Culture and Sports, on November 19, added to the accompaniment offered by the organization to the recovery process after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

In the competitive scenario, it satisfied that Yarisleidis Cirilo and Katherin Nuevo became the first Cuban world champion canoeists, as members of the C-2 at 200 meters; and also in that sport that Serguey Torres once again showed his lineage by getting silver in the C1-5000 meters.

Likewise, at this level, the gold medals of the judoka Andy Granda in the +100 kg, the triple jumper Lázaro Martínez on the indoor track and the baseball5 team, became the best of a campaign not exempt from discreet performances in traditionally solid disciplines, generated great joy. who faced particular situations not inherent to their athletes.

We said goodbye to a year lacking in major multi-sport events, but the Caribbean Games emerged, played in Guadeloupe, where Cuba led the ranking by country with 21 titles, 16 silver medals and as many bronze medals, the result of the performance of a delegation of 58 competitors present in five of the six summoned sports.

This balance satisfactorily complemented the purpose of evaluating our sports reserve for the 2028 and 2032 cycles, as well as boys potentially suitable to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Our international participation also included another founding event, the I Central American and Caribbean Games of the Sea and Beach of Santa Marta 2022, in Colombia, where we competed in three of the ten scheduled sports (sailing, beach volleyball and open water swimming), as part of the preparation for the San Salvador 2023 Central Caribbean Games.

A medal of each color and the sixth place among 26 countries left motivation to increase the presence in the coming editions of a contest that this time brought together more than 600 athletes.

As for our para-athletes, who once again provided satisfaction, it is important to note that the XXIV Deaflympics in Caxias do Sul, in Brazil, received the largest delegation made up of Cuba for events of this type. A total of 18 competitors were led by the courageous Suslaidy Girat, who dominated the long and triple jumps, and finished second in the 100 meters, setting her total number of medals in those events at 11.

Impossible not to mention the insertion of boxing in professional circuits through the Domadores de Cuba franchise, winner of 15 of the 16 fights faced since its debut on May 20. Neither has the most recent inclusion of women in the competitive system of that sport, a decision resulting from coordinated actions with other organizations and institutions in the country, including the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), which endorsed the proposal.

We are approaching a year of 2023 that will require responding to an atypical international calendar. For the first time, the Cuban sports system will face the Central Caribbean and Pan American games in the same season, in addition to other events such as the V Alba Games and the Parapan American games for adults and youth.

Once again, the ability of our technicians to design and control the preparation will be put to the test, in adherence to science and technological innovation. The optimal use of resources will be key, which means applying the concept of creative resistance defended by the First Secretary of the Party and President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

The Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 and the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023 will be very demanding commitments, based on the changes in the prevailing correlation of forces in sports in the region. This will imply identifying specific objectives for each fight with an eye on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In the non-competitive field, one of the priorities will be the improvement of the sports teams, in order to strengthen their role at the base and consider other actions that confirm them, together with the school, as scenarios of the first order with regard to community work. integrated.

The follow-up to the strategies approved for baseball, presented in the Health and Sports Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power, and soccer are also defined as centers of our attention; the steps related to the future Cuban Sports System Law; the development of our business system, the export of services, the link with new economic actors, the preservation of resources and the role that internal control and cadre policy are assigned to them in this regard.

Also the international projection of the organization, marked by its growth, its presence in other hierarchical tasks in the country, including national programs for the advancement of women and against racism and racial discrimination; the solidity of the Institute of Sports Medicine and its structure in the country, and the rescue of facilities as a continuation of stimulating examples materialized in recent months in objects of work of our national schools and others such as the multipurpose room and the hockey field in Ciego de Avila.

All this aware that, as the genuine fruit of the Revolution, sport occupies a prominent space in the campaigns articulated by its enemies, managers of a subversive work full of hatred that is propped up with million-dollar expenditures to attack us in all orders.

Such a siege requires further pondering the values ​​of which we are exponents, which spears against cultural colonization, and the permanent rapprochement with all the players in the sports system, including our glories, dialogues that no material lack can avoid.

Thus, aware of how much we can do to contribute to a better year in all respects, we will find alternatives to support the calendar of events as much as possible, with the national school games at the top of the priorities, and we will celebrate the 62nd anniversary of Inder , with headquarters in Camagüey, selected for the comprehensiveness of its work.

We will also lead the many other processes that force us not to give up in order to continue being consistent with the greatness of our sport, which will experience 2023 dedicated to the centenary of the birth of José Ramón Fernández, whose legacy accompanies us in every battle.

Consistent with the greatness of our sport – Radio Surco