DECEMBER 28 : a day with various appointments

On 28 December, the 79th anniversary of the liberation of Ortona, appointments are scheduled throughout the day: morning, afternoon and evening

The commemoration of the liberation of the city begins in the morning at 10.30, in Canadian Heroes Square, with the homage to the monument “The Price of Peace”.

At 10.50 a laurel wreath will be placed at the monument to the Civil War Victims

At 11 a.m. Holy Mass will be celebrated at the memorial for civilian victims in the Ortona cemetery

In the afternoon, starting at 16 at the Teatro Tosti, with the leadership of the journalist and director of Rete 8 Carmine Perantuono, there will be the Award ceremony with the delivery of the certificates of merit to the students who have obtained their high school diploma with the maximum of marks in the 2021/2022 school year and the delivery to the Ortonese actor Rocco Antonio Tano, aka Rocco Siffredi,

of the Bishop by Valter Polleggioni, symbol of the award. The group of “The Weavers trio” with the musicians Roberto De Grandis, Peppe Nicola Sirolli and Daniela Ranzetti, will accompany the awards ceremony afternoon.


This year the day of December 28 is enriched by a further appointment in the evening at 21: the concert of the Ukraine-Kharkiv National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Giuseppe Piccinino. An important and prestigious appointment with prominent musicians who experience the difficulty of continuing to play and work in a country tormented by war.


The event was born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Ortona and the Aurea association.

The concert is an appointment that ” has been renewed for 15 years ” as specified by Prof. Velia Petrosemolo , president of the Aurea association , on the microphone of Anna Maria De Grandis in the interview carried out in collaboration with Dpe Video .


The event will combine the usual high cultural profile with a humanitarian value that confirms its exceptional nature and importance.

The concert, unlike past editions, takes place on the evening of December 28, as the only date available for the Kharkiv Ukrainian State Orchestra. An orchestra that comes from a country at war and “ we will be there to applaud them by sending our embrace and our solidarity.


The event will offer, in the first part Mendelssohn a second part will follow ” which will have a purely female setting, Petrosemolo confirms – all women will take turns “

” The association’s mission consists in offering concrete help to these men and women who find themselves living in a condition of extreme and exhausting suffering – he adds in thanking ” Maestro Piccinino who has been allowing the event to be held for years “


The concert program, as is its tradition, is varied: it includes music not only by Mendelssohn, but also by Vivaldi – Mozart – Gounod – Catalani Offenbach – Strauss

Conductor: Giuseppe Piccinino

Soloists: Svetly Zenevich: violin

Chiara Tarquini: soprano

Caterina Pacella: soprano

DECEMBER 28 : a day with various appointments