Declaration of the National Assembly following the interpellation of the Minister of National Education: The deputies make several recommendations to the government

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The parliamentarians made public yesterday, during the plenary session, a statement on the issue of support for schoolchildren and teachers forced to flee areas of insecurity. This declaration comes following the interpellation of the Minister of National Education, Pr. Ibrahim Natatou on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 by the deputy Idi Ango Ousmane on the phenomenon of school dropout in insecure areas in Niger. This declaration is in conformity with the provisions of article 118, paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly.

Thus, the concerns of the deputy, author of the interpellation were expressed through twelve questions put to the government commissioner on the measures taken by the government to guarantee schooling for schoolchildren and teachers in insecure areas of Niger in know: the number of schools closed, the students and teachers affected, the location of the victims, the number of regrouping centers, the remediation of classes, the work program of the Ministry with the humanitarian NGOs intervening in the sector, etc.

In this declaration read by Mrs. Aissatou Abdoulaye Tondi, it appears that the National Assembly debated the subject in its plenary session. All questions relating to the subject of the arrest were taken care of by the Minister of National Education, Pr Ibrahim Natatou. After the answers provided by the Minister, the debate ensued during which the National Assembly raised almost recurring problems hampering the education system, especially in this period of insecurity. According to the national deputies, the efforts to secure and the search for solutions aimed at the effectiveness of educational services for all Nigerien children must materialize, to the delight of the development of the country.

In the statement, the Nigerian parliament said it was aware that

education remains the bedrock of the country’s economic, social and cultural development and that it is convinced that the issue of education is a primary national concern and that the insecurity that strikes our country is dangerously affecting the education system. This is why the deputies ask the State, the local authorities, the parents of pupils and all the players in the sector to ensure the security and preservation of the national educational framework while welcoming the efforts made by the government in the education sector, particularly in insecure areas through the creation and operationalization of regrouping centers. They also encouraged the availability of the government and the social partners to dialogue for a successful outcome to this situation.

Also, the national deputies have in their declaration, formulated about twenty recommendations of which inter alia, the diffusion of a broad communication on the situation of the Nigerien school and the holding of the states general of education, the taking of all the appropriate provisions for the reopening of all educational establishments closed due to insecurity in Niger, the depoliticization of the national education system; the creation of non-formal education centers to occupy children who have not attended school and who have dropped out of school in order to prevent their radicalization and their recruitment into terrorist groups; the organization as soon as possible of union elections in order to identify the most representative unions in the education sector with a view to better establishing a framework for dialogue with the social partners; the preservation of all the social achievements of workers in the education sector, etc.

Seini Seydou Zakaria (onep)

Declaration of the National Assembly following the interpellation of the Minister of National Education: The deputies make several recommendations to the government