Different sectors of society joined the debate on the future of Villa la Angostura

“When ideas become projects and projects become reality”. With this premise, several months ago the Chamber of Commerce and the College of Architects began with the idea of ​​a meeting where different actors from our town find a space for dialogue, debate and analysis.

Through a statement, the Chamber of Commerce of Villa la Angostura expressed “With a lot of effort we managed to convene those who assisted years ago in the design of the Villa La Angostura Territorial Planning Project, Arch. Roberto Monteverde, Dr. Patricia Nari and Lic. Claudio Romero, from the Institute of City Management”.

“On Thursday, September 8, we held the workshop “The cities in their labyrinth” that had its trigger when both institutions asked ourselves: Are we building the city we want?, sadly agreeing on a negative answer”.

“This workshop consisted of a first theoretical part, which Roberto Monteverde explained very clearly, and a second practical part, where we were randomly distributed in various work groups, various local actors. Among them, municipal officials, councilors, representatives of neighborhood boards, intermediate institutions, service providers, school and health authorities.

“In this practical work, we were all able to offer our visions, interpretations of the current situation, problems and ideas of possible solutions. At the end, each table was able to present their answers, being respectfully listened to”.

“We want to highlight this last aspect, because sometimes we stop pushing the debate on transcendental issues not only because of lack of interest, but also because of fear of the difference of ideas. And when this is done with respect, it makes a difference and makes progress possible.”

“With joy of having fulfilled the objective, with results that we believe are encouraging, this workshop motivated even more the desire to generate these spaces, where we can all contribute constructively for a better town, through respect, collaborative work, commitment and transparency”.

“Trusting that it is a kick to return to work on the town that we deserve, we thank all those who were able to be present on Thursday. We know that it is a long and difficult road, but it is worth traveling in order to exalt our Villa and value some aspects that we are leaving aside”.

“There is nothing that can add more to it, than starting to work in an orderly way on planning, because the problems we see in all areas are, for the most part, the same everywhere: lack of urban and territorial planning, lack of permanent housing and access to land, decline in services and infrastructure, shortage of health and education professionals, security, lack of communication and education.”

“From the Chamber and the College of Architects we call on all our neighbors to work as soon as possible. We must rescue the spaces of participation and take care of them every day, since it will be there, with the help of modern tools, where we will establish the north of our beloved Town and rescue the Villa that we all chose from the distressing decadence. Let’s react and take action now,” the statement ends.

Different sectors of society joined the debate on the future of Villa la Angostura – La Angostura Digital