Dominique FAURE discovers the advantages of rurality “made in Yonne”: the Secretary of State in immersion this Monday

As usual, with each trip of a ministerial figure planned in the Yonne, the program of the day turns out to be rather tight in terms of timing for the government representative. She will therefore not have a minute to lose, the Secretary of State in charge of Rurality, Dominique FAURE. A dive during the general assembly of Rural Mayors, in the morning in Auxerre, before continuing later with a cultural exhibition, followed by a meeting concocted around the social and solidarity economy…

AUXERRE: She will hardly have time to discuss the purpose of her visit with the representatives of the press, the Secretary of State in charge of Rurality!

It suffices to go through in detail the program of her official visit that she grants this Monday, November 14 during the day to our territory to understand that “the watch” will be an ally of circumstance allowing her to respect the course of this immersion in icaunaise land before returning to the capital.

Continuing her tour of France, more on the rural side, which she has undertaken since taking up this position, Dominique FAURE will therefore be spending a few hours in the northernmost department of Bourgogne Franche-Comté – and obviously the closer to Paris – in order to deepen its assessment of the rural agenda there.

A visit which will begin at the end of the morning with the work of the general assembly of the Association of Rural Mayors of Yonne – this will take place in the amphitheater of “89” in Auxerre – a structure chaired by the mayor of Rosoy Dominique Chappit. In short, the ideal way to preach the good word of rurality and its development to local elected officials!

Two highlights in Gurgy and Rosoy for the Secretary of State…

The afternoon will break down into two parts. First, the minister will go to the stronghold of Jean-Luc LIVERNEAUX, in the town where he has served as city councilor since the last municipal elections: that is to say Gurgy. A locality known and recognized for its cultural dimension and the resulting tourist attraction. It is precisely in the dedicated space which hosts artistic events that Dominique FAURE will discover the new “Landscape” exhibition. Unfortunately, she won’t have time to stroll around the bucolic banks of the Yonne…

Around 3:30 p.m., the ministerial procession should have arrived a little higher up in the department, at Rosoy, where Dominique CHAPPUIT will welcome him to show him the site of the primary school which has a class of pupils in disability status. An establishment which has also opened up to the practice of “coworking” and the solidarity garage.

Everything will end with a rich exchange around the SSE, the social and solidarity economy, with the actors of a local associative structure who apply its precepts in their daily lives.

Along the way, Dominique FAURE will receive valuable information on the history of the town. A way of perfecting her knowledge of this rurality whose interests she defends via this ministerial morocco…

Thierry BRET

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Dominique FAURE discovers the advantages of rurality “made in Yonne”: the Secretary of State in immersion this Monday