Educational establishments participated in a conference on emotions and school coexistence at Campus San Felipe

Community managers of school coexistence, teachers and psychosocial pairs from different public educational establishments in the Aconcagua Valley participated in the conference “The challenge of strengthening the emotional dimension at school in times of pandemic”, which took place in the San Felipe Campus of the University of Playa Ancha, and that it was organized in conjunction with the General Directorate for Links with the Environment and the San Felipe-Los Andes Provincial Directorate of Education.

The objective of the activity was to share experiences around school challenges related to the emotional field and to strengthen ties for future collaborative work in the short and medium term between the UPLA and the schools and high schools in the area. In this sense, the event started with a talk that was given by the academic Octavio Poblete, PhD in Psychology, member of the Department of Education of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and who coordinated on campus during 2021, the Disciplinary Development Program: “Emotional Experience of Educational Actors of the Aconcagua Valley”.

“The emotional theme is not a conceptual theme nor is it a theme that is resolved by giving tips or delivering psychometric instruments, but rather it is an essentially human theme that requires a constant process of support, identification of critical points and in which it is necessary human contact. It is not possible to advance in what I would call an educational emotional culture if it is not through face-to-face contact, in such a way that it is very important to produce these meetings where experiences are transmitted”, said the academician, who took advantage of the occasion , to invite those present to collaborate in future research on the subject, as well as in the renewal of the platform

blankThe instance also considered the presentation of two innovative experiences in relation to school coexistence and emotional education. One of them was made by Department of Municipal Education (DAEM) of the commune of Santa Maríawhich dealt with his work on the prevention of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, while the other exhibition was carried out by the Llay-Llay Bicentennial Lyceum, where from next year it is expected to implement the subject of Emotional Education in the first media.

The day was positively evaluated by the attendees, who ended the morning with a group work aimed at diagnosing the main emotional needs that the educational communities of the Aconcagua Valley currently have. In relation to the above, the Responsible for Coexistence of the El Cobre-La Colonia de Catemu School, José Reyes, commented: “Today’s activity seemed super interesting and enriching. Very good and contingent topics were discussed today, so I am leaving very happy, very happy, and I am grateful for the opportunity for them to do this type of activity.”

blankFor his part, the Provincial Supervisor of Education, Cristian Comte, He stated: “We have been able to obtain very interesting information and data about the problems that exist, the needs that schools have in aspects of coexistence in general and at the different levels of the community and I believe that all this is very valuable for future work. , because it clearly identifies the foci for collaborative work between the networks of coexistence and the academics of the University of Playa Ancha”.

(Katherine Vega H., journalist Faculty of Educational Sciences)

Educational establishments participated in a conference on emotions and school coexistence at Campus San Felipe – News from the University of Playa Ancha