Educational Management and Pedagogical Leadership

The Education Managementaccording to justa ezpeleta (1999), “it is understood as linkas function articulator of senses between the (educational) instances that go from the highest hierarchies to the school campus, reaching the interior of each one of them.”

I mention this idea because the processes of educational management and pedagogical leadership because of their importance they are daily practice Y object of study at once. For this reason, it is interesting, due to its relevance, opportunity and pertinence, to open dialogue spaces between specialists and education professionals in these areas with the aim of transforming management and teaching practices in schools.

The next days 6 and 7 of December will be carried out the 5th. International Symposium on Educational Leadership (SILED) on the University of Guadalajaraorganized by the civil association called “Network for Research and Practice in Educational Leadership” (Interleader). It will be the 2022 edition of the important academic event, which this time will be entitled: “Perspectives on research and practice in educational leadership in a new era.”

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Before, the symposium was carried out in person at the following venues and years: Guadalajara (2015), Cuba (2016), Queretaro (2017) and Guanajuato (2019). Additionally, during the time of pandemic and confinement, various events were held virtual academics (2020 and 2021) organized by the same network of specialists, school administrators and teachers.

It is an academic event that brings together specialists in educational management and pedagogical leadership, national and internationalwho dialogue and share their advances in research either practices with teachers, students, directors and technical advisers in education, as well as with educational and social organizations of diverse nature, where theoretical methodological schemes or models are analyzedas well as practical developments that are applied in schools both public What private. There, the various aspects that exist in the world on educational management, leadership, planning and evaluation of education in all its forms, levels and modalities are analyzed and discussed.

In this 2022 version of the symposium, to be held at the University of Guadalajara, we will have Master lectures Y analysis tablesthat is, spaces and times to discuss and reflect on “Educational leadership in the Institutions of Higher education, models in a new era for the management of educational organizations”. “Educational leadership and intelligent decision making for the improvement of the global education systems”. From educational administration to distributed leadership. Methodologies, networks and gender perspective in border research in Chile”. “Training of managers in Spanish-speaking contexts: consolidated experiences and latent challenges”. And a balance will be made on what has been done during the last decade through a table that will be entitled: “International Symposium on Educational Leadership, past, present and prospective”.

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International Symposium on Educational Leadership UdeG (Special)

This time the event will conclude with a keynote address: “Educational experiences with digital resources Y techno-pedagogical design. The educational direction and the challenges in the post-pandemic”, in charge of the dr. Frida Diaz Barriga Arceoprofessor and researcher at the Faculty of Psychology, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

As written products of research, teaching and dissemination in the field of educational management and leadership, the network has generated books Y articles in specialized magazines, in addition to other periodicals, in recent years. I share some examples: Díaz, Miguel A. and Veloso, A. (Eds.) (2019). “Research models in educational leadership: an international review”. Editions IISUE-UNAM. Mexico. Diaz Delgado MA (2021) “Leadership in times of confinement. Essays towards a renewed education”, by the Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco. From the same author: “Training of School Directors. Comparison of international programs in the context of management” (2022). My book (2018) is added to this listEducational Change and Public Policies in Mexico. Criticism of the Educational Reform of the period 2012-2018″edited by the National Pedagogical University, Querétaro Unit, Educational Episistemas and Interleader.

It is an interesting time to participate in these debates and materialize or make reality, once again, this project of opening spaces of informed dialogue Y punctual reflections on priority issues of education, based on the local experiences and the international knowledge that are available to those interested in these fields of knowledge.

I close this brief comment with an idea expressed by Lopez Walls (2017): “Educational and pedagogical management considers more and more intrinsically the social actors of the educational teaching process, their needs and interests and the linking of the purposes individualthe motivations and interests of collectiveIn this way, the family and the community in close ties with the university are valued and incorporated into the demands of both, recognizing them as agents that actively participate in the construction of the meaning of education, which is reflected in the educational policy. drawn up and in its comprehensive approach master strategy for the educational work Y politicsideological.”

*Fragment of the text that will be read during the table: “International Symposium on Educational Leadership, past, present and prospective”at the UdeG, Jalisco, on December 7, 2022, within the framework of this symposium.

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Educational Management and Pedagogical Leadership