Effective management of local authorities: The special delegation of Ouagadougou at the MATDS school

The training session for special delegations from the municipality of Ouagadougou ended on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, in Ouagadougou. The attributions of the members of the special delegation in particular the texts which govern the operation of these municipal actors made object of tooling of the latter and that during two days of exchanges.

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Four (4) chapters were the subject of training during these two days which brought together the special delegations in the premises of the Ouagadougou City Hall, all evoking the attributes of the actors of the special delegation of the commune.

This was in particular a chapter relating to the attributions, relating to the functioning, the roles of these actors and a chapter reserved for the territorial public service, to listen to Sabastien Kima, one of the trainers of these 2 days of exchanges .

The objective of these two days was to enable these actors to offer quality services to the populations. “Basically, we tried to give them the essentials to enable them to better manage all municipal services and better assume their role.

The objectives have really been achieved since they themselves have recognized its necessity and in relation to certain points, they had ideas but with the training they are now able to understand and qualify these ideas”, said Sabastien Kima.

To the president of the special delegation of the commune of Ouagadougou, Maurice Konaté to recall the interest of this objective sought by the ministry in charge of the territorial administration, initiator of this framework of training and improvement.

“For two days, the trainers gave us modules. The interest of this training is no longer to be demonstrated (…). These special delegations are in essence bodies that are close to the population. They deliver services to them every day that God does. And if these services are not very well managed, the populations will not be very happy”, affirmed Maurice Konaté.

He also welcomed the decision of the supervisory ministry, and expressed his thanks to the latter for having had such an initiative. “We thank them for having been right, by equipping these members of local authorities”, he greeted.

The president of the special delegation of the municipality of Ouagadougou, Maurice Konaté

These special delegations, which replace the councils of local authorities, have the task of managing local affairs in local authorities and promoting local development pending the organization of new municipal elections. Moreover, for the proper accomplishment of this mission, concluded the President, “we will now organize special training to perfect what we have learned”.

Abdoul Gani BARRY and Amira SANOU (trainee)

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Effective management of local authorities: The special delegation of Ouagadougou at the MATDS school