Everyone at school with Mattarella, on Friday the President inaugurates the school year in Grugliasco

Turin, incipit of a new school year. The great party for the return to the stalls starts from here, indeed from the province: the president Sergio Mattarella will inaugurate the year 2022-2023 at the Curie Vittorini institute in Grugliasco, on Friday 16th. The event will be broadcast live on Rai 1 , with students, teachers, sportsmen, singers and actors (nothing else transpires: you will discover everything live in the program “Tutti a scuola” with Flavio Insinna at 4.30 pm).

But the first bell will actually ring tomorrow. In Turin and its province 257 thousand students enter the classroom (out of a Piedmontese total of 505 thousand, to which are added approximately 52 thousand of peers, 73% concentrated in nursery schools), a decrease of 2.3% compared to last year, as an effect of the demographic decline. As has been happening for years, the highest number of students is in high school: 94,000 (180,000 the regional total), followed by elementary schools (81,000), middle schools (55,000) and finally by nursery schools, where 27,000 children will enter. As for high schools, the largest number of students will go to high schools: 48,000, against 30,000 for technical schools and 15,000 for professionals. Thinking about their education, there will be almost 33,000 teachers in the city and province, of which 8,500 are supportive. In total, there have been about 1,500 entries in the role of teachers, while the annual replacement contracts are 8,500. Still on the front of Ata personnel engaged in the year 2022-2023 there will be 8,136, 5,571 of whom are janitors, while the others are administrative and technical. On a Piedmontese scale, 491 principals are called upon to direct the schools, while 49 institutes will be in the regency: they do not yet have a school director so they will be entrusted to “acting officers”. “We are still far from a situation of stability of the workforce, we continue to chase the emergency coverage of places by stipulating an exponential number of fixed-term contracts – comments Simona Sacchero, general secretary of the CISL School of Turin – The figure of 8,500 contracts for fixed term already stipulated is destined to double in the coming months to cover the short and occasional absences of the staff in service ».

Ten months of school
If the start is tomorrow, the end will be on 10 June 2023, with the exception of the nursery schools which will close on 30. As for the holidays, the first bridge will be that of the Immaculate Conception (no school from 8 to 11 December), and , shortly after, that of Christmas, where the schools will stop from Saturday 24 December to Sunday 8 January. At carnival stop on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February, while for Easter there will be a few more days of vacation, from Thursday 5 to Tuesday 11 April included. Another short bridge will be that of April 25 (schools closed on Monday 24), while the other holidays fall immediately close to Sundays.

The authorities
Not only Mattarella at Curie Vittorini. The mayor Lo Russo together with the governor Cirio and the director of the regional school office Stefano Suraniti will go to the Da Vinci alla Falchera and Giordano Bruno in Barriera in Milan. Each regional councilor will then go to a different school in Piedmont.

the message
Suraniti, yesterday, sent a message to those who are preparing to start school. The number one in Piedmontese education, a few months in the role, praised “the work of the colleagues of the management and of the territorial areas and of the school staff, which made it possible to promptly complete the operations to start the school year . With the completion of the substitute operations, before the start of the lessons, the full right to education of pupils, male and female students is guaranteed. Particular attention was also paid to the timely assignment of support teachers to classes with pupils with disabilities ”, concluded the director.

Everyone at school with Mattarella, on Friday the President inaugurates the school year in Grugliasco