Evron. Major Frédéric Cateigne very happy with his return to Evron

Frédric Cateigne here during the Evron Meat Festival. ©Les Alpes Mancelles

the Major Frederic Cateigne returns to Evron. He previously worked at the local gendarmerie. From now on he will assume the command of the brigade committee Evron, Bais and Montsûrs.

We will “play” at the gendarmes if you allow. Last name, first name, age, place of birth, family situation please!

Frédéric Cateigne, 54, married, three children, two grandchildren. I was born in the Oise in Beauvais.

Your experience ?

I started as an auxiliary constable. I joined the PSIG of Senlis (60) then the brigade of Nanteuil-le-Haudouin. After two years of military service, I went to the Gendarmerie School of Chaumont (52). First assignment to the Le Ribay brigade (53).

It was in this commune that you met your wife. A priori, Madame Cateigne is not resentful.

Now there is prescription. I can tell the beginning of our meeting. I was a young policeman and during a traffic check, she was not in order. I did my job, fined him. She lived opposite the gendarmerie. We hit it off and ended up getting married at Le Ribay church in July 1994.

Returning to your journey

I was transferred to the gendarmerie of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe. I stayed there for seven years. I obtained the judicial police diploma in 1997, which allowed me to go to the research brigade in Le Mans. At my request, return to Mayenne, precisely to Evron, in 2003, as marshal-logis-chef. In 2005, I became a warrant officer and went to Sillé-le-Guillaume as a brigade commander.

So Sille?

At the professional level, Sillé is a rural brigade but with sustained activity. Great deals have been solved in Sillé-le-Guillaume.

Name one or two?

I remember a case concerning 65 burglaries throughout the department of Sarthe. The Sillé Brigade solved this very complex case. I also remember another case concerning a scam, of which three elderly people from Sillé-le-Guillaume, Le Mans and Duneau were victims. They lost 200,000 euros. An article appeared in the local press and France 2 came to report during prime time.

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Still at the professional level, there was a great atmosphere in Sillé-le-Guillaume with local actors: elected officials, the press, traders, craftsmen, associations, and schools. We worked well together. Same thing within the community of brigades of La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin, Conlie and Sillé. There was a very good atmosphere and I have very good memories of Captain Bruno Bourcier, Captain Hervé Collet, Captain Cyril Mauté and current Lieutenant Sébastien Irr. I take advantage of this article to salute my former colleagues.

On a personal level, I remain very attached to Sillé-le-Guillaume. 17 years in the same commune, it is not nothing. Sillé is the town where our children grew up. It is not allowed for all the children of soldiers to follow their schooling up to the baccalaureate in the same city and to have a stable childhood and adolescence. The fact of living such a long period in the same city makes it possible to have friends. We return regularly to Sillé to meet them. Besides, I continue to cycle with the same small team of friends from the country of Sillé.

So this return to Evron since the beginning of August?

I was willing to come back there. This is a promotion. I am very happy with my return, this time as a Major. I am happy to be the Commander of the Community of Brigades of Evron, Bais and Montsûrs.

How many soldiers at the COB?

Normally 26. Currently, we are 24 to intervene in 22 municipalities.

The activity ?

She is supported. Last week, we did 38 interventions! In addition, you had to be present at the Meat Festival in Evron. It’s an institution here. 15 gendarmes were on the scene from Friday evening to Sunday evening. I’m not exactly out of place here, I find some delinquents from Sillé who went to Evron.

Your teams?

They are young and motivated. Everyone pulls in the same direction. It’s really nice to work in this atmosphere. There is no chief warrant officer in Evron. We are recruiting!

Relations with elected officials?

I am meeting the mayors one by one. The first contacts are excellent. I spoke with Mr. Joël Balandraud, the mayor of Evron. He really listens. It was a question during our meeting to see if it is possible to have electric bikes to allow us to go to places inaccessible by vehicle. Then the bike makes it possible to get in touch with the population and the traders in a fairly large city.

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Evron. Major Frédéric Cateigne very happy with his return to Evron