Exhibition WE ARE WATER: everything you want to know and never would have imagined about water | RETEME

The Channel Foundation organizes the exhibition “WE ARE WATER”, which can be seen until June 30, 2023 in the buried water tank located under the Parque Cuarto Depósito in Plaza de Castilla. It is an exhibition designed for all audiences, which reflects the global interest in water, its conservation, its scarcity or its excess, increasingly important in our day to day. Through the experience, the visitor will be able to see, hear and learn, asking questions about the importance of water for life.

The tour shows “everything you want to know about water and never would have imagined”, from how many liters of water are needed to produce the food in your fridge or the clothes you are wearing to how to save water in simple gestures. It also tells you about the beauty of water: the great rivers such as the Duero or the Ganges, the landscapes created by water, such as glaciers, or the wonderful and delicate ecosystem of the oceans. It is an experiential exhibition, where you can walk on a gigantic map of Madrid, listen to the sound of a storm or the beating of the sea waves and submerge yourself under the longest LED tunnel in Europe contemplating the marine flora and fauna.

‘WE ARE WATER’ takes the visitor, in a amazing journey through the world of water, from the source of a river, staged with the rainfall that falls into a large pond, to its mouth in the sea. On this trip, the visitor will discover amazing aspects of water, and will follow the more than 17,000 km of Canal de Isabel II pipelines that carry water from its source, in the north of the Community of Madrid, to homes; You will be surprised with powerful images such as a human body six and a half meters high where it is shown how the water inside us “beats”; or he will learn how with simple gestures we can save water in our homes. And within this context of entertainment, the exhibition is also linked to the essential work carried out by the public company Canal de Isabel II as manager of the integral water cycle in Madrid.

Tour for the little ones

The tour is full of surprises for the little ones with moments that should not be missed such as the birth of a river in a pond or the aquarium with the huge hippos and crocodiles, and with which families can spend an entertaining, educational and affordable time.

Another point of reference on the family tour is the installation of a gigantic globe along with three other much smaller spheres that show to scale, and in comparison with the volume of the Earth: one, the size of a balloon, the amount of water total on the planet, another much smaller, the amount of fresh water, and another, the size of a marble, the amount of water available for human consumption.

Also a map of Madrid drawn on the ground with all its parks, which the children will be able to step on and investigate, culminating in a large 12-meter projection in which the route from Plaza de Castilla to the dams and the dams is visualized as a flight. reservoirs that supply the region with water will become an incredible sensory experience for them. Finally, the LED tunnel that simulates the bottom of the sea, with fascinating marine fauna and its threats, such as plastic islands, will help you understand and value the beauty of the ocean.

Likewise, workshops are also offered for children (Water through the senses), youth (How much water does a tomato drink?) and for primary and secondary schools.

A curious look for everyone

The exhibition offers a journey full of surprises and Fascinating data represented in a very visual way and with very advanced technology. With 86-inch large-format screens, more than 80 audiovisual productions and multiple audiovisual installations, it is one of the most technological exhibitions in Sala Castellana 214. At every step, visitors will discover curiosities about water that they probably were unaware of: for example, a large LED triptych in which actors stage how in daily acts such as shaving or brushing teeth, large amounts of water can be saved just by putting the cap on or using a glass instead of leaving the tap running. Or murals that show the inside of a refrigerator in which the water footprint of the food it contains is quantified.

Climate change worries us all and ‘WE ARE WATER’ addresses the issue from the perspective of solutions: from sea level containment systems, to natural methods to stop the advance of desertification, going through examples of non-polluting efficient transport

But above all, the exhibition seeks to make the visitor enjoy, at the same time, to underline the fact that Water is a rare and precious asset whose use must be managed by optimizing its consumption and management.

Through an environmental, cultural and historical perspective, the exhibition not only highlights the value of water, but is also linked to the essential work carried out by the public company Canal de Isabel II as manager of the integral water cycle in Madrid.

Bring knowledge to people

The Canal Foundation works for a double mission: the generation of knowledge and the promotion of water care. Two decades after its creation, Canal de Isabel II and its Foundation have helped to translate this commitment into hundreds of activities in which close to seven million people have participated.

Throughout this journey, through programs of research and through the divulgation environment, the Foundation has helped Canal de Isabel II to promote a more efficient and sustainable use of water among citizens. This exhibition, carried out in collaboration with Canal de Isabel II, is the result of that mission and delves into the line of bringing quality content presented in an attractive and accessible manner, a hallmark of the Canal Foundation in all its activities.

Activities for teachers and schoolchildren are also included in the Foundation’s programming. Canal Educa is the great free, bilingual (Spanish-English) educational program for environmental awareness, which delves into the sustainable use of water and solutions to climate change at all educational stages. In the 2021/22 academic year, it has reached more than 52,000 schoolchildren in the Community of Madrid.

Exhibition WE ARE WATER: everything you want to know and never would have imagined about water | RETEME