Extended day in Santa Cruz: how much teachers will earn for the extra hour

After leading a tour of the schools in the northern area of Santa Cruzthe president of Provincial Council of Education, María Cecilia “Chachi” Velázquezspoke with The Radio Opinion and provided details on the impact of the extended school day in primary schools, specifically on the remuneration of teachers for overtime.

At this point, the head of Education indicated that it is paid 3,900 pesos approximately for the extra hour. “If you calculate 5 hours a week, it gives approximately 19,000 pesos. Although that varies according to seniority and the other characteristics that the teacher has in his career. So is a significant increase and it moves according to the changes that occur jointly, that was the agreement“, he stated.

It should be remembered that the implementation of the Extended Day of Classes was established by the Resolution of the Federal Council of Education (COFESA) No. 426/2022, the National Law No. 26,206 and the Provincial Law No. 3,305. The measure establishes the extension of the school day in the primary education as an educational policy that seeks to reinforce school trajectories in terms of access, permanence, graduation and appropriation of knowledge and learning.

Within this framework, Velázquez indicated that there are currently around 20,000 students in Santa Cruz who already have an extended day at their school, that is, more than 50% of primary education establishments from the province. “In October we will reach 100% of the schools“, advanced “Cachi”.

“It is one more hour and it is quite a job in the case of teachers. We had two wage subcommittee meetings with the union and we agreed on this value of the hour. It is important to know“, detailed the head of the educational portfolio.

On the other hand, he stressed that this measure was established from the National Education Law, which had the participation of various actors, including representatives of the Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine Republic (CTERA).

“None of us can argue with the need to have more hours in school, a fact that is supported by research and, of course, tIt has the objective of being able to accompany and support the processes of reading comprehension, writing and calculation in primary schools. It is one more hour, with a clear objective and with respect to salary agreements“, he remarked.

authorities of the Provincial Council of Education (CPE) finalized an extensive agenda of work in the towns in the north of Santa Cruzwhere computers and school kits were delivered, agreements were signed with municipalities, and meetings and tours of institutions were held.

Tour of the CPE in the north of Santa Cruz

The president of the CPE, Maria Cecilia Velazquezled the work agenda that began in the town of Las Heras, where she was accompanied by the Secretary of Administrative Coordination, Pablo Ruizand the undersecretary of Professional Technical Education, Rodrigo Gojan. There, the distribution of computers from the Connect Equality Planaimed at students of the first and second year of the CPES No. 3 and Industrial School No. 7with the purpose of guaranteeing the right to connectivity and access to new information technologies.

In addition, the CPE authorities visited the PPE Nº3 and the work to renovate classrooms that is being carried out in the Special School No. 7. Also, in the Comprehensive Training Center for Labor Sovereigntythey gave themselves 3 3D printersin order that students can develop skills, enhance and increase all the strategies that they are carrying out.

In Truncated Peakthe distribution of computers continued in the Industrial School No. 2 and the Secondary Schools No. 45 and No. 48. On the day, he also participated in an ensemble developed by members of the Provincial School of Music Re Si and, in turn, musical instruments such as guitars, violins, quenas, flutes, cymbals, maracasamong others, destined for the students of the artistic institution

Extended day in Santa Cruz: how much teachers will earn for the extra hour