Faced with an increase in theft at work: Security measures announced to support small and medium

Tierra Amarilla is the commune that has the most complaints for this type of crime

The Regional Presidential Delegate (s) Jorge Fernández Herrera led a meeting together with police, PDI, the Crime Prevention coordinator, Lorna Bown, and representatives of different unions met to coordinate actions that provide greater security to small miners of Atacama in their tasks, after the occurrence of various robberies in these.

Regarding this, the delegate Jorge Fernández indicated that “we have met with small and medium-sized miners from all over the region, in addition to our police, in order to have a complete picture of a situation that has been dragging on for several years and that It is related to the inequity in the development of the tasks of small and medium mining compared to large-scale mining.”

“This is an issue that we must work on intersectorally. This is why, together with police officers, the Investigative Police and our Crime Prevention coordinator, we have agreed on a series of measures to provide you with greater security. A job that, in addition, we want to carry out together with the Regional Government, in order to raise projects that contribute to a more equitable and safe development of this industry”.

Among the measures, the substitute Regional Presidential delegate highlighted that “for us, security is one of our main tasks, that is why we will carry out constant monitoring of the tasks that will be carried out with our drones by the Televigilancia personnel. In addition, we will implement a control program and a protocol to prevent these events from being repeated in Atacama.”

For his part, Joel Carrizo, president of the Tierra Amarilla Pirquineros association and union, pointed out that “I am very satisfied with what has been proposed today. We have a new Carabinieri General who is very willing to participate in this table and collaborate from a technical point of view and we are going to provide the background information that has been presented to us on a day-to-day basis with the problems that affect us. directly and also to our associates. In crime prevention there is also a clear message from the delegate and the coordinator, where we are going to have a strategy to be able to carry out the task that affects us and that is quite hard”.

Likewise, Mario Mercado, president of the Copiapó miners’ union and director of the National Copper Confederation, indicated that this “has been a tremendous meeting, we have been welcomed by our presidential delegate and our authorities. I want to thank the instance, I think it has been quite favorable for our sector, where we seek agreements to be more preventive regarding the issue of safety in mining. We have a wave of thefts that is on the rise, so all the measures that we can generate here at this work table are welcome to be able to avoid the issue of thefts, which is worrying”.

It should be noted that according to the statistics collected by police during 2020 there were 59 complaints of theft. Meanwhile, in 2021 37 were collected and so far in 2022 there are already 55, concentrating most of these in the Tierra Amarilla commune.

Faced with an increase in theft at work: Security measures announced to support small and medium-sized miners in Atacama