Fair Saturday Festival in Huelva: The more than 50 events this Saturday in the capital

Huelva will celebrate the fifth edition of the Fair Saturday Festival this Saturday, November 26. He himself maintains his essence of celebrationr a festival of art and culture on the last Saturday of Novemberjust the day after Black Friday, as the maximum expression of consumerismfor artists and cultural organizations in the city to offer proposals of all kinds and from any discipline, fulfilling the only requirement of supporting a social cause of their choice through their event.

In this way, the spokesman for the Government team and Councilor for Tourism, Promotion of Huelva Abroad and University, Francisco Baluffo has expressed the need “to reflect on another way of building societyto collaborate from Huelva to do different things after Black Friday, because our artists, our creators, our cultural entities are prepared to serve as an example as the new edition demonstrates “

Baluffo has thanked the artists and cultural organizations for their involvement, appealing to the people of Huelva, asking them to “take to the streets next Saturday, enjoy and participate in the activities and proposals to demonstrate that Huelva trusts in the possibilities of culture and art to build a more just and supportive world”.

The fifth edition of the Fair Saturday Festival in Huelva will feature more than 50 cultural events with social impact in the city. “With the registrations still open during this week, we already have more than 55 artists and cultural organizations, 18 spaces and 24 confirmed social projects” Baluffo specified, citing among them “To Onujazz, Los Activos, Cinta Hermo, the V City of Huelva Photographic Rally, Discover the Lights and Colors of Huelva, the Neomodels Charity Parade …in short, exhibitions, music recitals, theatre, concerts, fashion, charity market, workshops, storytelling, in support of the Valdocco Foundation, Cepaim Foundation, Laberinto Foundation, Breast Cancer Association: AOCAM; Emmaus Huelva Trappers Association; aons; Fibronuba Huelva; or Proyecto Hombre, among many others”.

A very complete program of events that can be consulted through the official website of the Fair Saturday festival ( and their official social networks and that will be held throughout the day on Saturday, November 26 in up to 18 points in the citysuch as the streets Niña, Palos, Rábida, the squares of Las Monjas, El Punto, Alcalde Cotomora, Paseo Santa Fe, the Alonso Sánchez Park, as well as in bookstores, bars, cafeterias and cultural spaces.

Next Saturday, November 26, as the spokesman has assured, “Huelva will vibrate around culture and social projects, with music groups, singer-songwriters, storytellers, poets, photographers, dancers, photographers, writers, actors, professionals and amateurs with proposals for all tastes, for all those who want to enjoy a different Saturday, supporting Huelva creators and the social causes they defend”.

In short, “culture in every corner, at every hour and every moment, with more than 50 simultaneous cultural activities to encourage the consumption of art; an open and participatory festival to massively mobilize society around art and culture, trying to provoke a social reflection on the essential nature of culture in the creation of a richer, more just and developed society”. Events that are accompanied by a social project chosen by the creators themselves, taking the opportunity to recognize the work of all of them in the construction of more sustainable, supportive and just societies.

Other activities

On the other hand, it has been recalled that in addition to the festival next Saturday, November 26, Fair Saturday includes two other initiatives this year: stories to think aboutthis time around the theme of mental health and Invisible Barriers, a micro-patronage program for boys and girls from environments at risk of social exclusion.

Stories to think about. ‘Stories for Mental Health’

We are already working with the School Centers of Huelva to organize their participation in this initiative that tries to promote youth creativity, as well as reflection on social issues and a critical spirit. At the same time stories to think about Its objective is to arouse the interest of the youngest in the different social projects, thus allocating the winners their prize to a social entity of their choice. The editions held in Huelva in previous years have been a successwith the participation of hundreds of children from numerous educational centers.

‘Invisible Barriers’

The novelty of this edition comes from the hand of ‘Invisible Barriers’, a micro-patronage program for boys and girls from environments at risk of social exclusion. A pioneering program based on the conviction that culture is absolutely necessary to achieve a deep and rich development of the people and communities that make up a society, to ensure its social cohesion and to establish the basic pillars of coexistence. It is about working in favor of social inclusion through culture.

Fair Saturday Festival in Huelva: The more than 50 events this Saturday in the capital