Favignana, free transport of pupils: applications by 3 October

With today’s certified e-mail, Federalberghi writes to the Ministry of Infrastructures, the President of the Sicilian Region, the councilor for infrastruct. Falcone, to the Mayor Egadi Francesco Forgione and other actors, in order to request an extension of maritime connections with summer timetables with the mainland.

Here is the full text of the letter

Maritime connections with the smaller islands of Sicily – request for an extension to 30 September of the timetables
in the Aeolian and Egadi sectors, revision of the state services agreement and changes to regional tenders in
We hereby reiterate the contents of our pec of last September 5 and the press release of
August 20, which highlighted the need to extend the summer hours for the Aeolian sectors
and Egadi and a series of petitions and observations were produced both on the state convention in force
as for the new regional supplementary services currently being assigned.
In the Egadi islands despite having obtained an extension of the regional supplementary services until 30 September,
in the same sector there is a stop to the essential state ones and in particular – as highlighted
from ATA Egadi Islands and the Municipality of Favignana – to a suppression of evening races, particularly
important and strategic for the archipelago also in consideration of the connections with the airports.

In the Aeolian Islands since 11 September the state lines have changed to winter, the regional ones
they will do so today and the lines from Palermo and Messina will do so starting from 18 September. Such
requirements, as widely announced, are completely insufficient and inadequate. Furthermore, the
misalignment of the dates has, as was easy to imagine, created great confusion and discontent both
in users and among tour operators.
Both in the Egadi and in the Aeolian Islands the races, especially on certain days and time slots, continue
to travel fully loaded. There are also several unavailable races so as to represent a
important deterrent to reaching the two archipelagos.
For these reasons, the requests already made to Councilor Marco Falcone for an extension are reiterated
of the summer opening hours until September 30th. In the alternative, it is requested that they be inserted at least as a matter of urgency
some extraordinary strategic races with the intention of not penalizing users during peak hours
or of greater interest and need.

It is also highlighted that the contents of the new regional call are also moving in the direction
of the need to guarantee an extension of the summer hours, given that this foresees a high season from
1st June to 30th September and a medium season for the months of April, May and October.
We take this opportunity to reiterate the needs already expressed in the previous letters and to which we do not
an answer was obtained in relation to the need to review the state convention stipulated under the
services operated by SNS, providing for additional resources to guarantee the maintenance of the consistency of the
ships and races, as well as appropriate penalty and monitoring mechanisms. To these needs, yes
they add those advanced on the regional supplementary services. For such matters it stands out
the opportunity to start a discussion phase with local public administrations and stakeholders.
Furthermore, the opposition of the Egadini tour operators and the Municipality of Favignana is noted and supported
in relation to the important cuts envisaged both on state routes and on regional supplementary services.
In reiterating the need to have to learn in advance the changes in the hourly itineraries, yes
points out that to date all the sections relating to regional supplementary services for non-Sicilian islands
are visible and available on the booking systems starting from October 1st, as they are not
it seems that neither a further extension nor the assignment of the new services has been followed up. This creates
serious inconvenience and economic damage as it makes most of the rides neither visible nor bookable
actually available until September 30th.
Finally, we look with interest and support the initiative launched by the four Aeolian municipalities to convene
a joint municipal council on the subject of maritime connections.
In thanking you for your attention and awaiting your reply, we extend our best regards.
Christian Del Bono

Favignana, free transport of pupils: applications by 3 October