Florence, the kit for students and teachers who go to school by tram arrives

There are a few hours to the beginning of the school year, struggling with backpacks and books, the children will also have to decide how to go to school. Gest, the company that manages the Florentine tramway has prepared an ad hoc kit to encourage them to choose the Sirio family.

“Stories of ordinary tramway” it is designed for first and second grade secondary school students in Florence who are preparing to return to class, finally in attendance. A book for boys and one guide for teachers, these are the elements of the kit, to leaf through while Florence parades from the windows.

The kit for students

In the book-notebook some young protagonists choose to travel by tram. It is a small cross-section of an adolescent world that turns out to be autonomous in everyday travel. Sarah wants to help make the air cleaner, Alex instead wants to go to concerts alone, Filippo from the windows discovers a city never imagined before and two friends run around the city passing from violin lessons to the swimming pool to shopping .

The fresh language of Francesco Fagnani’s texts and the graphic impact of Alice Piaggio’s illustrations make it a small object to be preserved. The stories are accompanied by numbers, information and curiosities about the Florence tramway, and by a guide to the responsible use of a vehicle that is at the service of each of us and belongs to the community.

The kit for teachers

In guide instead teachers can find four didactic-educational proposals to be carried out in the classroom through a multidisciplinary approach . For example, through the data provided on the reduction of private traffic and the consequent abatement of smog, the tramway offers an educational track on sustainable mobility. Through the names of the stops, a teacher can explore various aspects related to odonomastics: an original way to learn more about the place where you live. And again: museums, squares, murals, parks, monuments can be reached by tram just a few steps from the stops. And finally: an educational track proposes a role-playing game on “free riders”, where at the end the teams of virtuosos and “freeloaders” are put to the vote of the class.

This educational kit is designed for kids because they will be our passengers of tomorrow CEO Jean Luc Laugaa saidIn many large European cities, more and more young people prefer to use public transport to go to school, work and have fun. They care about the environment and also know how to appreciate the advantages of a fast, punctual vehicle that makes them autonomous. I like to imagine that Florence will become like this too: with a cheerful tramway, increasingly used by younger people who will have at heart a means of transport capable of improving the life of an entire community“.

“Stories of ordinary tramway”, was included among the proposals of “The Keys of the City”, the educational and training offer supplementary to the teaching of the Department of Education of the Municipality of Florence, aimed at teachers, students and families Florentine. Each kit consists of 25 paper books for each class and a guide for the teacher and it’s it can be requested from the Librì Progetti Educativi publishing house.

The educational project can also be completed by the experience of one visit to GEST in the site that houses the management offices, the storage and maintenance of vehicles (via dell’Unità d’Italia 10, Scandicci). For reservations write to info@gestramvia.it

Florence, the kit for students and teachers who go to school by tram arrives