Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman interview with TAG24 for Viola come il Mare

Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman at TAG 24 microphones in an exclusive interview for the presentation of Viola come il Mare. We talked about their characters and the joy of working in Sicily in Palermo.

On the occasion of the presentation of Purple like the sea we had the opportunity to interview the two highly anticipated protagonists Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, already capable of thrilling fans at the Venice Film Festival. The two have catalyzed the attention of those present, after the vulgar gossip that they have always denied, however, also because the actress is happily engaged with a lot of daughter. The two on the screen seem to have found a beautiful chemistry, made above all of funny scenes in Viola come il Mare at least as far as we could see in a footage of about 20 ‘of the series that will air on Canale 5 in prime time from 30 September and which sees the production of Lux Vide. Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman told us about their Viola and Francesco, but they also talked about how they experience popularity in our interview of which you can also find an excerpt in the video and the complete following.

Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, the public loves you and has come to know you. How do Viola and Francesco differ from Azzurra and from the characters of the Turkish series that you have played previously?

Can Yaman: “They have always seen me in Istanbul, for the first time they see me in Italy. I play a policeman, a role I’ve never played. There’s a little bit of romantic comedy like I’ve always done, there are squabbles, but compared to the past there is action with guns and technical jokes. This role gave me the opportunity to deepen the character because there are so many genres and aspects. It’s a different role from the others I’ve played “

Francesca Chillemi: “I agree with Can Yaman. The characters when you go to interpret them are always different, Azzurra is a novice then I played characters from the 1500s, then a mother with a sick child. If I think about the characters I have done over the years they are all different, with their own story and life experience in their own right. I believe that in some respects Viola and I are particularly similar “.

A fun aspect of the shoot?

Can Yaman: “I really liked it, I loved the city of Palermo. She joined us, all the dinners turned out well and we put in some gags because we already had this friendship off the set. We played soccer in the hotel room, then everyone came to my room to study. We went out together and that friendship was reflected in the shoot. “

Francesca Chillemi: “We went to Palermo after a week in Rome, it was like going on a school trip. We lived in different rooms in the hotel but did almost everything together from the gym to watching movies. We spent a lot of time together even beyond the 10 hour set. This shortened the time to get to know them and we started coloring the characters ”.

Can Yaman: “When you get into a rhythm with the character, everything comes naturally, by now you are prepared and you have no anxiety when you arrive on set. You can focus only on your work, you can make fun of yourself and gag enjoying the real and authentic moments off the take. I will miss this environment very much, we were truly pampered by everyone “.

Francesca your Viola won Miss Italy, was it a tribute to your path or a script license?

Francesca Chillemi: “I think it’s a script license, maybe it was a tribute but I never asked the writers. I believe that the path of beauty both for me and for Viola has served to make our dreams come true. I wanted to enter the world of entertainment and there was a lot of distance from Sicily to Rome. That contest allowed me to come here and follow my passion. Viola wins the competition and uses the money to study and become a reporter, so the beauty she helps make her dream come true unites us ”.

There was a lot of waiting for you to act in Italian, how difficult was it?

Can Yaman: “Most still don’t know that I speak Italian, they still speak to me in English. In fact, when I arrived I was already talking about it because I studied it for five years at high school, certainly here I studied and improved a lot. Destiny has prepared an environment in Italy where I am loved and received very well. Lux Vide was very keen that I recite in Italian and I worked together with a coach every day to improve my diction and underline some nuances. I melted even more, maybe at the beginning I had a bit of difficulty with a difference in height that led me to self-double some bars. I am happy to have overcome this challenge which represents a turning point for my career. Let’s hope in the second season because it was a beautiful and special set ”.

Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman, has beauty ever been too bulky for you?

Can Yaman: “I’m too bulky to hide behind beauty. I studied law, I forgot if I was handsome or not I wanted to be a lawyer. The concept of beauty came to me too late, I don’t talk about my private life. I go out of the house and this thing of beauty reminds me of people, it is not something that haunts me, talk about it too. Beauty alone if not accompanied by something else such as ambition, determination, education and intelligence does not bring. I don’t want to praise self, but beauty and talent without these things don’t go by themselves. We must be open to go vertically and not horizontally ”.

Francesca Chillemi: “At the beginning I thought that beauty could penalize, Viola helped me to recognize it as a gift. Beauty is a feature, but I don’t have to be ashamed of it. I have different qualities and being able to tell them in a character was cathartic. One of the most important passages and the most beautiful messages is that this woman has this little super power that I would also like in life, she manages to empathize by putting herself in the shoes of others. She lives emotions intensely without judging them. Often things happen around us that we ignore. Sometimes empathizing is a good starting point, we are all going through difficult times ”.

Can your character have to relate to a journalist, how do you live your relationship with journalists and photographers?

Can Yaman: “I don’t have a good relationship, I do everything to escape. In moments like festivals or business occasions I love journalists. I enjoy the moment and try to be nice to reporters, I’ve never been rude. When they are intrusive in private life they depress me and I do everything I can to escape from them. Francesco tries to get along with everyone and collaborates well with Viola, on this aspect he is different from me ”.

Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman interview with TAG24 for Viola come il Mare