From November 16 RAP COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE. The Hip Hop Theories and Techniques Workshop is free.


Workshop on Hip Hop theories and techniques



16-17-18 November 2022

at Phlegraea SocialBookBar

with rappers OYOSHE And LUCARIELLO

and with the sociologist Lorenzo Lodato

Registration and participation are free.

As part of the initiatives for Procida Capital of Culture 2022 on Wednesday 16Thursday 17 It’s Friday November 18 (from 15 to 18) will take place at Pozzuoliat Phlegraea SocialBookBar (Piazza della Repubblica, 114-116), the first workshop dedicated to hip hop culture. The variations of the artistic and cultural movement born in the seventies in the New York neighborhood of the Bronx will be analyzed and put into practice.

The three-day workshop is free admission subject to availability: To register, just go to this link

The activities will last three hours a day and on the final day at three hours of workshops will follow the preparation and staging of the final event.

The protagonists of the “Rap Commuity Experience” are the rappers Oyoshe And Lucariellodeans of the Neapolitan and national scene, and the sociologist Lorenzo Lodato which will examine the cultural phenomenon from a social point of view.

On November 18th at 19:00, after the workshop, there will be a mini-live of Oyoshe and the performance of a selection of participants.

Rap Community Experience”Intends to develop the driving force of the new urban languages ​​as the glue for the construction of communities, especially in the adolescent and youth groups of the territory. The language of music represents a form of free expression and communication that acts as a basic glue for the creation of communities.

The direct force of Hip Hop Culture represents a code that “Include, Teach, Learn, Inspire, Invent and Innovate “. The “Rap Community Experience” project aims to bring into “institutional” spaces generally dedicated to mainstream languages ​​and forms of communication, an innovative and direct way of expressing oneself that young people usually approach externally of the educational institution.



He took his first steps with his crew “Cianuro Prod” at Jam and freestyle competitions in 2005, winning the “perfect techniques” in Campania for two consecutive years.

During his career he dedicated himself to both Producer and Rapper activities, collaborating, among others, with Speaker Cenzou, Clementino, Primo Brown, as well as with high-sounding names of the American rap scene such as Blaq Poet, Vast Aire, C Rayz Walz, Verbal Kent, Craig G, OGC, Chief Kamachi, Blockmccloud, Gdot & Born and many more.

Also active in the theater with Davide Iodice’s “Malessere”, a rap reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, rewritten by important names in the Campania Rap scene such as I Fuossera, Joel and Sha One, and with Oyoshe himself among the actors on stage.

Lorenzo Lodato

Neapolitan sociologist and activist born in 1992, specialized in public and social communication.

The passion for Hip-Hop culture and the art of rap led him to deepen the study of the social history of the movement and its evolutions in the educational and pedagogical fields.

Since 2017, in collaboration with his partner Vincenzo Musto, aka “Oyoshe”, he has started the path of playful-recreational workshops based on rap and urban music, in projects mainly aimed at combating early school leaving, educational poverty and supporting frailties social.


He is one of the founders of the Neapolitan Rap. Known to many for the final theme of the series Gomorrah and for the Track Coat of Wood for the encounter between rap and classical music with Maestro Ezio Bosso. Active since 96 ‘he has collaborated with: Fabri Fibra, Caparezza, Co’Sang, Almamegretta and others. He has written music for films, TV commercials and TV series. For over 10 years he has been involved in musical projects in juvenile prisons.


From November 16 RAP COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE. The Hip Hop Theories and Techniques Workshop is free. –