Future, innovation and digitization: the first edition of the Young Innovators Business Forum was held in Milan

80 speakers, over 500 present participants and around 500,000 users connected in live streaming during the day. These were the numbers of the Young Innovators Business Forum: an event to compare young people and institutions on the issues of innovation and digitization. The Yibf, organized byNational Association of Young Innovatorsalso saw the Prime Minister among the guests Mario Draghi and the Minister for Youth Policies Fabiana Dadone. In the setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, not only was the future discussed but also the present through the voices of young entrepreneurs who are making the difference from north to south.

“We are really happy with the result achieved in the first edition of this event”, commented the president of Angi Gabriele Ferrieri. “We chose Milan as the host city because it represents the capital of Italian innovation and the city with the highest concentration of digital operators. The phone call I received from the secretariat of Prime Minister Mario Draghi was also a great certificate of esteem and trust that repays the commitment and work we have done at the service of young people, institutions and Italian companies “.

Participation in the Young Innovators Business Forum

The intervention of Danilo Iervolino

“Follow the theme of inactive young people”, explained the minister Dadone, “it’s not easy. We tried to look at what they do in other states and tried to break down the institutional walls. We need to talk to young people, no longer with parents. We have set up a small job fair around the area to talk to them, explaining how the PNRR is designed specifically for them, with the money that will be used for new models at school level and on the digital transition. What needs to be done is to work even more on digital skills. There is a part of the youth population that is very ready on this issue, while on another part we are working precisely to give these skills, so that it can be used on the work front and not just on social networks “.

Among the interventions also that of Danilo Iervolinoowner of Bfc Media and president of the Salerno. “Today we live in an era of great changes, in which digital has radically transformed our daily habits”, explains Iervolino. “We all became techno-excited because we realized that technology can help us live better. Therefore, the projects of great opportunities are important, such as those carried out by Angi, which focus on nanotechnology, robotics and the internet. I feel I can encourage the young innovators present by reminding them that, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to try and not be afraid of failure, since, behind it, there is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth “.

Also present at the event were the Councilor for Budget and Real Estate Heritage of the Municipality of Milan, Emmanuel Conte, and the Director of the Technological and Digital Innovation Board, Layla Pavone.
Space also for the main actors of Italian government agencies and institutions who have confirmed that innovation represents the vehicle of the current epochal change, an accelerator of every project and process.

Solutions and analysis for the future

Furthermore, the 2022 edition of the Young Innovators Business Forum was the stage for the exclusive national presentation of the “Youth, Innovation and Digital Transition” polling survey, the first Report on Young Innovators and the Digital Transition in Italy, by Roberto Baldassari, general manager Lab21.01 and director of the Angi Scientific Committee. This document illustrates the points on which we should insist in order to make the technological and digital transformation of the country possible: return of Italian brains on the run, increase in the level of economic competitiveness of Italy compared to the countries of the European Union and public and private investments in high digital education.

The Yibf has also been an incubator of new technologies and a tool for growth and professional training, starting from the assumption that the world of digital transformation is increasingly a central element of social, economic and environmental connection. All the players in the sector, in fact, have come together to make known not only their skills and abilities, but also to talk about the current social and economic reality that is taking over with determination in everyone’s life.

“To invest, you need to find the conditions in Italy for entrepreneurs to find it convenient to come here,” he explained Carlo Cottarelli, director of the Observatory on Italian public accounts of the Cattolica in Milan. “For years three conditions have been considered as a disincentive to invest in Italy: first the level of taxation and the complication of the tax authorities; second the slowness of the public administration and bureaucracy and third the slowness of justice. Now these aspects are the three main aspects of the NRP, this is recognized and it is a positive thing now it is a question of making these reforms ”.

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Future, innovation and digitization: the first edition of the Young Innovators Business Forum was held in Milan