Gabriela de la Cruz Flores, new director of the IISUE

Gabriela de la Cruz Flores, new director of the IISUE

• Promote academic life with responsibility and an ethical and inclusive approach, as well as promote didactic research in emerging fields, among its objectives.

• Guadalupe Valencia García gave him the position

The Coordinator of Humanities, Guadalupe Valencia García, gave him possession of the position and welcomed him in his new assignment; She thanked the community for his work and participation in the selection process, and recognized the management of Hugo Casanova Cardiel who concluded his work at the head of this academic entity.

When taking the floor, de la Cruz Flores expressed that assuming the position implies a commitment to promote academic life, acquiring responsibility before the country and the University, with an ethical and inclusive approach.

“UNAM, as a public and national institution, assumes its commitment and social responsibility. The entities that compose it, such as the IISUE, must be consistent with these purposes and purposes. For this reason, making a community becomes a horizon of collective construction, where knowledge linked to substantive issues in education and studies on the University are guiding changes towards more just and equitable societies,” said the researcher.

In the following weeks, he added, the IISUE community will be summoned to participate in the preparation of the Institutional Work Plan, for which it will consider an open door policy; constructive dialogue, in order to favor synergies for development; academic climate, through seminars, talks and debates aimed at exploring the frontiers of knowledge in education.

He also considered it important to identify opportunities for linking with other entities of the National University and the country; promote the creation of transversal working groups to provide solutions to problems; promote didactic research in emerging fields, such as the use of computer technology, simulation and 3D technology in educational processes; as well as to favor the synergy between young researchers with the most experienced ones.

pedagogy specialist

Gabriela de la Cruz Flores has a PhD in Psychology and a degree in Pedagogy from the Faculties of Psychology and Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM. She is the IISUE Definitive Full-time “A” Research Fellow since 2014; She also has PRIDE level C and belongs to the Conacyt National System of Researchers, level I.

His work recognizes both school and classroom practices, as well as educational actors, and incorporates issues such as educational equity and teacher training at the upper secondary level. He has a career of 22 uninterrupted years of teaching at UNAM with more than 70 training courses both at the undergraduate and specialty levels in the Faculty of Psychology, and the master’s degrees in Teaching for Higher Education (MADEMS) and in Health Sciences. .

He has taught more than 80 teacher training courses at universities and higher education institutions such as UANL, UASLP and UABJO, as well as in teacher training centers in Durango and Guerrero and Latin American countries and Portugal.

He is a member of the Mexican Council for Educational Research, of the Inter-American Society of Psychology, the Spanish Society of Pedagogy, and the Mexican Society of Faculties and Schools of Medicine.

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Gabriela de la Cruz Flores, new director of the IISUE