Galluccio DOC and Terra di Lavoro. Presented the wine review scheduled from 16 to 18 September in the territories of Alto Casertano |

The presentation of the “Review of wines from Galluccio and Terra di Lavoro”, Scheduled for 16-17 and 18 September at Palazzo Mattia Seccarecciain the homonymous municipality of Caserta.

The Review, addressed to industry experts, is part of the “46th Grape Festival”Which will take place at the same time in the hamlet of San Clemente di Galluccio. Both activities are promoted by the municipal administration.

The Review, which sees the active participation of VITIC (Consortium for the protection of DOC and IGT wines of the province of Caserta), has gained an increasingly important specific weight in the Campania scenarios dedicated to quality wine production and territorial promotion. It has also made the denomination of Galluccio DOC and the viticultural excellence of Terra di Lavoro protagonists involved in the initiative.

And in this frame the “Review of Galluccio and Terra di Lavoro wines“, Born in 2018 to support the popular festival and to start a training and information path on the enhancement of local wine production.

A reality embellished by its vineyards, by the painstaking work carried out by the industriousness of the local companies And from the good practices implemented thanks to the effective cooperation between institutions, bodies and local communities that show how much this area is able to offer at 360 degrees.

An event within the event will animate Palazzo Mattia Seccareccia with the Masterclasses dedicated to wines Galluccio DOC, Roccamonfina IGT, Falerno del Massico DOC, Aversa Asprinio DOC And Terre del Volturno IGT followed by the scheduled cooking show, by chefs Mario Milo, Antonio Oliva and Arcangelo Dandini to enhance and enhance the wine-food combination.

All this will be declined with a total immersion in the agricultural and landscape dimension of Galluccio, ready to enter new markets, continuing to invest simultaneously neitherlla historical and cultural promotion of these fertile lands, cling onthe extinct volcano of Roccamonfina, part of the Regional Park of Roccamonfina and the mouth of the Garigliano.

The press conference, moderated by the journalist Antonella Amodiosaw the participation of Francesco Leporemayor of the municipality of Galluccio, di Nicola CaputoCouncilor for Agriculture of the Campania Region and that of leading exponents of the eno-gastronomic sector of the territory such as Rosanna Marzialechef of the restaurant The columns of Caserta and Ambassador of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO in the world, Cesare Aveniapresident of the VITICA Caserta Wines Protection Consortium And Pietro Iadiciccoprovincial delegate AIS Caserta.

During the conference, the mayor of Galluccio illustrated the characteristics of the Review and the ambitious aims at the basis of the project which tend towards an international recognition of the territorial identity of Galluccio and Terra del Lavoro, not only in the wine sector. but also in the gastronomic, cultural, touristic and landscape fields.

The event was born in the past with the intention of celebrating the harvest, a moment of particular importance for areas with a wine vocation such as ours. This extraordinary moment of the year contains a heritage made up of traditions, history, values, passion, but also of economy, capacity for innovation and foresight to better enhance the wine sector of our municipality and the entire territory. Only through a serious commitment on the part of all the actors involved is it possible to build a better future for companies and for all citizens of this area., said the mayor Francis Lepore.

Maximum attention to the event also comes from Nicola CaputoCouncilor for Agriculture of the Campania Region, who announced the launch of important initiatives in this sector:Wine is increasingly a development accelerator for the territory. The “Review of Wines of Galluccio and Terra di Lavoro” celebrates some of the many native vines that characterize this region. As the Regional Department of Agriculture we are working to promote the territory in all its areas, with particular regard to the wine and enotourist context. For this we have set up a control room with wine entrepreneurs, consortia and regional policy that has been working for some time. The goal is to make the quality of our products better perceived by focusing on the rationalization of the denominations and on a strengthening of the Campania brand.“.

The important impact for agriculture and the economy of the territory, made possible by the great work carried out by the agricultural and wine realities of the Alto Casertano, was instead represented by the President of the VITICA Caserta Consortium during his speech.

The Grape Festival of Galluccio is a historical event that has its origins in the popular culture of a territory that has always been suited to agriculture and viticulture” – he has declared Cesare Avenia and added: “The Vitica Consortium is honored to be a partner of an event that improves year by year with an offer that is always attentive to tradition and that opens up to initiatives that attract wine lovers and connoisseurs in line with the continuous growth of the quality of wine. offer of the wine producers of Terra di Lavoro. Also this year the program is full of stimuli and, starting from the focus on the DOP Galluccio denomination, it will allow the public to meet the most representative products of the other denominations protected by the Consortium: DOC Falerno del Massico, DOC Aversa Asprinio, IGT Roccamonfina and IGT Terre del Volturno“.

The scheduled events will be supported by the precious collaboration, for the purposes of the Pcto (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation), of the‘Hotel Institute of the ISISS G. Marconi of Vairano Patenora (CE) led by the Headmaster, Professor Filomena Rossi.

Review of Galluccio and Terra di Lavoro wines


edited by Antonella AmodioJournalist
And Pietro IadiciccoProvincial Delegate Ais



7 pm
Galluccio DOC Roccamonfina IGT

Show cooking by the chef Mario Milo – Milo’s house restaurant – Alife (Ce)


7 pm
Falerno del Massico DOC Aversa DOC

Show cooking by the chef Antonio Oliva – Punto ‘G Restaurant – Caserta


7 pm
Terre del Volturno IGT

Show cooking by the chef Arcangelo Dandini – L’Arcangelo Restaurant – Rome

The wines of Viǐica member companies will be presented at the tasting counters, with service sommelier, during the show cooking for combinations with the dishes prepared by the chefs.

To participate in the masterclasses, please book at masterclassgallucciowinegmail @ com specifying the day of participation and their personal contact details.


Galluccio DOC and Terra di Lavoro. Presented the wine review scheduled from 16 to 18 September in the territories of Alto Casertano |