Good Living Wednesday culminates with the show “On the seventh day he rested, I didn’t”: on the stage Enrica Tesio and Andrea Mirò

A 360-degree day, that of Wednesday 21 Septemberto the Festival of the Good Living 2022, with many events from morning to evening in various cultural and social areas. Among others, the CSI … Crime Scene Insects seminar, with the entomologist Stefano Vanin, at Corte San Ruffillo; the conference Teatralmente, at the BV Corner, organized by AUSL Regione Emilia-Romagna, Teatralmente, Regione Emilia-Romagna; the show On the seventh day he rested, I did not, by and with the writer Enrica Tesio and the singer-songwriter Andrea Mirò, at the Church of San Giacomo.

At Corte San Ruffillo, in the locality of San Ruffillo di Dovadola, at 7 pm you can attend the intriguing seminar CSI … Crime Scene Insects, with the entomologist Stefano Vanin, introduced by the physical anthropologist Mirko Traversari and with the welcome of Sara Vespignani of Corte San Ruffillo. The TV series have made everyone understand that the resolution of forensic cases is achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary scientific approach. During the evening we will talk about how insects contributed to the reconstruction of the events of important crimes that took place in Italy, demonstrating that Natural Sciences can become forensic.
At 6.30 pm at the BV Corner there is then a conference Theatrically, by AUSL Regione Emilia-Romagna, Theatrically, Emilia-Romagna Region. The extraordinary potential of the theater improves the quality of life and fosters a culture of integration and emancipation of the various “diversities” in a constant relationship between actor and audience. During this meeting with experts, operators, actors and guests, the theatrical productions made by the day centers of Emilia-Romagna and the Theatrical project which promotes their circulation in the theaters of the Region will also be presented.
At 9 pm at the Church of San Giacomo there will be the show On the seventh day he rested, I didn’tby and with the writer Enrica Tesio and the singer-songwriter Andrea Mirò. Not a simple show, a self-help session, a monologue on the life of a woman like many others, but with unique dark circles, with the counterpoint of original songs and songs by great authors in which the slow vision of life intersects, and it contrasts with the frenzy of modern times, from Rino Gaetano to Giorgio Gaber, from Enzo Del Re to Niccolò Fabi, up to Lucio Dalla. The show will be introduced by a dialogue on the theme Gender Medicine in Oncology, moderated by the Journalist of TeleRomagna Federica Mosconi. Renato Balduzzi, president of IRST IRCCS “Dino Amadori”, and the Mayor of Forlì Gian Luca Zattini will bring the greetings.

The other appointments of the day

At 10 am at the Forlimpopoli sports hall presentation of the book Born in via delle cento stelle, by Federico Taddia, who will be in dialogue with the journalist Corrado Ravaioli.

From 15.30 to 23 at the Exatr in via Ugo Bassi 16 there is EXTRAterrestre. Close encounters of another kind. EXATR, the large former SITA courier depot, shows itself to the city after the safety measures, in a day of meeting and celebration with citizens, artists, associations and institutions to tell about its regeneration path and imagine the “new forms of life ”that await him.

At Corte San Ruffillo di Dovadola, from 3 to 4.30 pm and from 4:40 pm to 6 pm, the laboratory on biodiversity for children entitled A meter of diversity is held. Small animals and great diversity. Experiential activity in the field to connect the little ones with the nature that surrounds them, looking at it with aware and complicit eyes and, why not, forget tablets and smartphones for a few hours to get closer to reality. Reservations required at 0543 934674.

Between 3 and 4 pm we return to the center of Forlì, to the Refettorio, where Uisp territorial committee Forlì Cesena Aps, in collaboration with the State Scientific High School “Fulceri Paolucci De Calboli”, organizes the experimental laboratory on combating violence in general Differences in relation !.

Between 17 and 19, in La Cocla, Silvia Camporesi holds the photographic laboratory for a target between 2 and 6 years Body and gaze in relation. Through the photo shoot we encounter reality.

And at 6 pm, again at the Refettorio, Valerio Melandri, director of the Master in Fundraising of Forlì – University of Bologna, will hold the Fundraising seminar. The gentle art of giving.

Between 6.30pm and 8pm at the Peace Center in via Andrelini there is a series of guided tours, listening and reading In-Relationship with oneself. Peace and nonviolence in the mind and heart, a multi-voiced meeting with trainers and participants of the Darsi Pace groups.

At 6.30 pm at the Cittadella del BV here is the solar aperitif workshop. When relationships become a resource for the environment. A meeting in a partially playful form in which we will discover together with Professor Leonardo Setti how much our relationships can make a difference also in terms of energy, helping us to save and lend a hand to the climate.

At 20.45 at the BV Corner the musical reading of Ululati Carissimo Pellegrino. A letter to the great Forlimpopolese gastronome, between words and musical rhythms, which becomes an opportunity to retrace the history of the Italian culinary tradition, through the songs, recipes and events that, from the last century to today, have marked society and they have transformed habits, culture and good living.

At 9.30 pm at the Arena del BV, two-language screening of the film Gagarine. Protect what you love.

The morning of Thursday 22 September

At 10 at the Candle Factory, presentation of the book A dream under the microscope, by Piera Levi-Montalcini and Alberto Cappio, who will be in dialogue with the journalist Corrado Ravaioli.

All scheduled events are free and admission free, some require reservations (for the booking procedure, see the program on the website).

The Buon Vivere Festival is promoted by the Cassa dei Risparmi Foundation of Forlì, with the patronage and collaboration of the Municipality of Forlì and the Tourism Department of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the patronage of the Regional School Office, ENIT, Municipality of Dovadola, the Municipality of Forlimpopoli and the Municipality of Meldola.

Good Living Wednesday culminates with the show “On the seventh day he rested, I didn’t”: on the stage Enrica Tesio and Andrea Mirò