Held at the Circolo di Società the meeting “50 years and not hearing them

Held at the Circle of Societythe meeting entitled “50 years and not hearing them – between waiting and regrets, they still have a lot to give to Calabria and to the world“, promoted by the Cultural Commission of the Club chaired by dr. Trumpet. In opening the works, the illustrious endocrinologist declared: “This year marks the fiftieth year of the discovery of the Bronzes, two immense works that the whole world envies us. We wanted to promote this meeting precisely in order to start a broad debate on the discovery , but also on the huge cultural promotion aircraft that the two statues represent for our Calabria”. In addressing the vice president of the Calabria Region Giusy Princi, Dr. Tromba said: “He is a person I respect because he is a volcano of ideas that he always completes. An example was the path of biomedicine born from an idea of ​​Dr. Princi, then head teacher of the high school scientific “L. Da Vinci”, has become a national course whose purpose is the formation of the biomedical high school”. The president of the club Francis Meduri, in thanking those present and highlighting that the autumn cultural season will be rich and full of meetings, gave the speakers a welcome pennant”. The celebration of the anniversary of the Bronzes was an opportunity to start a synergistic work as highlighted by Giuseppina Attanasio director of the Metropolitan City: “We worked on this event in order to plan the development of the territory. It was a test bed. We started from a solicitation from the director of the Museum and worked through various attempts, exchanges of ideas. In this journey, Dr. Lamberti was far-sighted in indicating that what one thinks can be achieved. Thus we began a planning activity on the anniversary of the discovery of the Bronzes and we had the support and collaboration of the Region. As a provincial administration, we have made the utmost effort to involve all the components in a synergistic work that enhances the identity of the territory”. The meeting moderated by the Ansa journalist George Nerisaw the intervention of prof. Daniel Castrizio professor of numismatics and iconography at the University of Messina who reviewed the various scientific hypotheses that have been made around the origin and representation of Bronzes: “The trace of research that has guided us – he said – is represented by the expression of hostility present in Bronze A. Let’s look at them as they were – he added – two actors in a comedy”. On the hypothesis of their presence in Riace, according to Castrizio they were on their way to Constantinople after the Emperor Augustus had decided to take away all those present in Rome.

Present at the speakers’ table was Dr. Eduardo Lamberti Castronuovo professor of communication ethics at the “D.Alighieri” University of Reggio Calabria who placed the defense of the territory at the center of his speech: “The Riace Bronzes were ready to leave for an unspecified national institute of restoration in Rome, when the National Museum of Reggio Calabria was about to be closed for renovation. Only the stubbornness of the inhabitants of Reggio – he recalled – prevented this from happening. Thanks to the collective commitment, we averted a transfer that would have become permanent. The Regional Council, chaired at the time by Giuseppe Bova from Reggio, made available an important room in Palazzo Campanella, which became a restoration laboratory of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Many personalities from the scientific and academic world went to that room to follow the research and conservation work carried out on the Bronzes. It would be appropriate – this was Lamberti Castronuovo’s proposal – to build a St studies on the Bronzes. We have felt them to be ours for 50 years – he concluded – and we must defend them more and more”.

The conclusions were entrusted to the regional vice president Giusy Princi who spoke of the initiatives put in place by the region: “We have arranged a loan of 2 million euros, also overcoming resistance and a lot of criticism. But there has also been the prospect of “doing team” with the other institutions to offer a national and international perspective to the Bronzes. We have made headlines, with over 100 services that have appeared in the main national and international media, with articles and services, dedicated to the Bronzes. For 2023 there will be a funding of 2 million euros to support intra-regional tourism. We will help the schools of Calabria who will organize educational trips whose theme will be the promotion and enhancement of the Bronzes”.

Held at the Circolo di Società the meeting “50 years and not hearing them – between waiting and regrets, they still have a lot to give to Calabria and to the world”