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Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France presents the “Future in game: become a video game tester” training course

Future at stake

At a time when paid, private and costly training offers are multiplying, the association Horizon Video Game Ile-de-France develops the free and paid training “Avenir en jeu: Become a video game tester!” “.

From October 2022, 30 young people will have the opportunity to train as QA Testers for 7 months, and to propel themselves into the video game industry. This innovative project is led by Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France and Horizon Jeu Vidéo, collective initiatives of professional associations for the visibility and accessibility of video game professions.

Offer a perspective to young people far from employment

The NEETS (“Neither in study, nor in employment, nor in training”) designate a social category of inactive people, mainly young people under the age of 25 and half of them unemployed. To get out of it, these young people need tailor-made measures and personalized support to show them the way to work and offer them the opportunity to integrate the sphere of employment.

The integration and social inclusion program of Avenir en Jeu thus revolves around the care and monitoring of young people furthest from employment, living in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis, a department where the proportion of young people under 25 is the highest in France (35.4%). There are more than 10,000 unemployed young people today in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Committed to the question of social integration, the Île-de-France region has relied on professional players in the video game industry to promote the professional integration and accessibility of these young people within the industry, a sector of attractive and dynamic activity.

7 months to integrate a 1st job in the video game

For this free and paid video game tester training, Horizon Jeu Vidéo has partnered with the Second Chance School to design and carry out training adapted to the specific needs of the young people targeted; and experts in video game training – ISART Digital and Cnam-Enjmin – as well as Play In Lab (which represents professionals) to ensure its quality and consistency with the needs of players in the sector. Complementary know-how guaranteed by recognized expertise in educational engineering, accessibility to video game and training professions, and a high rate of professional integration. The pedagogical project adopted for this training has been adapted to enhance skills through immersive, individualized and progressive methods according to profiles, guarantee personalized socio-professional support and monitoring by dedicated coaches guaranteeing the chances of success of these young people. outcome of their training.


The quality assurance professions: a little-known but essential link

The role of a QA Tester is to test the game in its entirety by listing the points that deserve adjustment from the developers or game artists. Impossible through automatic tests carried out by software, the “human touch” is essential to take control of the game and classify the bugs identified according to their category timeless (action bug, information, etc.) or temporal (position bugs, interrupted events, etc). The QA Testers thus follow specific protocols and use their experience to report any errors or anomalies.

This profession requires qualities for the fine analysis of a video game, in the most accomplished and advanced gaming experience by a player capable of dissecting it completely. It is therefore above all a job that requires extreme patience to do and redo the same actions an infinite number of times to track anomalies that could arise in a game.

The video game committed to diversity and co-education

The video game sector is showing continuous growth and is among the most dynamic industries in France (a record total turnover of 5.6 billion euros in 2021 (source SELL)). This dynamism is driven by the enthusiasm of the French for playing video games, which has become one of the most popular hobbies, especially among the youngest.

For companies, studios, publishers, and other players in the video game ecosystem, integrating more diversity and diversity within teams is a key issue for developing rich and multiple creations and productions, always more in line with the expectations of audiences and gaming communities. Inclusion is also an attractive factor for unearthing new talent, an additional guarantee of competitiveness.

Avenir en jeu therefore aims to provide information on professions in order to diversify video game professionals and thus work for equal employment opportunities. The training also intends to participate in opening up digital professions to as many people as possible, and in particular to women, who are still too underrepresented in the video game industry (while nearly 1 player in 2 is a woman, only 22% of between them evolve in the development studios. A figure which drops when one approaches the technical professions, source: SELL, Women In Games France).



Horizon Jeu Vidéo Île-de-France presents the training “Future in games: become a video game tester” – actualites Hightech jeux video cinema