How metered parking will work this weekend at CONCORDIA


The Concordia and Region Book Fair is one of the most important cultural events in the north of Entre Ríos, bringing authors, readers and hundreds of visitors to Concordia each day.

In the 2022 edition of the fair – held in October at the Convention Center – the Municipality of Concordia and Fundación Magister agreed to donate books to schools that actively participated in the different activities proposed by the organization.

In compliance with this commitment, Mayor Enrique Cresto; the president of Fundación Magister, Stella Maris Ponce, and the institution’s vice president, Jorge Buffa, presided over the delivery of more than 500 books to the Benito Garat, Coronel Navarro, República Oriental del Uruguay, Felipe Gardell schools and the Literature Faculty of the Instituto del Profesorado Concordia, as well as the reading promotion program “Abuelas Leecuentos”.

The books delivered come from donations made at the Book Fair by publishers, authors and sponsors. While the books received by the “Leecuentos Grandmothers” were donated by the Mempo Giardinelli Foundation, from the province of Chaco, in merit of the work that grandmothers and grandfathers develop, with the coordination of Magister, in schools, institutions and organizations non-governmental.

The secretary of Tourism, Innovation and Culture, Aldo Álvarez, and the municipal director of Culture, Gabriel Belderrain, also participated in this meeting with school administrators and teachers.


“We are very happy to share with the schools this day that corresponds to the formal closure of the 2023 Book Fair,” said Jorge Buffa in this regard. “The Magister Foundation, together with the Municipality of Concordia, embarks on this Book Fair project every year and this year, particularly, it was decided to give a gift to the schools that had the greatest participation,” he added.

“We are also happy that in this delivery of books to the schools, to which we are very grateful for their accompaniment, the mayor Enrique Cresto was also able to be present, who always gives us his support at the fair and in each of our activities” Buffa also said.

In the same sense, the Secretary of Culture, Aldo Álvarez, highlighted the commitment of the municipal management with the cultural development of the city: “the Book Fair is important because it fits into a city model where culture, education and expressions of art have a priority place,” said the official.

“The mayor set an objective for us: to work hand in hand with Jorge, with Stella and the Magister Foundation so that the Book Fair continues to grow. There is a permanent recognition and gratitude from the Mayor to the Magister Foundation for giving continuity and validity to the fair; as well as there is a commitment to start next year already working on the organization of the next edition, to consolidate the development of this event, so relevant and significant for everyone”, he concluded.

How metered parking will work this weekend at CONCORDIA